Hemisphere Shelf

Such a shelf fits perfectly into the middle of a bare wall, removes the look of emptiness and makes your home more comfortable and functional. Books, photo frames, various figurines and much more can be put on the shelf. Shelf has zoning, as a result, you can put everything in a row and it will not look like a mess.
Hemisphere shelf
For work we need a sheet of plywood and woodworking tools. Nothing scarce, everything can be found in almost any garage.
Shelf hemisphere
We mark the sheet of plywood on the outline, made by me earlier. All the dimensions I took by eye, according to my idea. So look and change as you like, you might not like such a big size of coca. I took it.
Shelf hemisphere
Sawing the sheet into strips of the desired width. Then draw a hemispherical surface. I used a rope and a pencil in the role of a compass. Cut out six identical elements.
Shelf hemisphere
Then we align the edges and remove irregularities and burrs with a grinding machine.
Shelf hemisphere
I cut the grooves with a jigsaw. We try to assemble the shelf. If everything is good and nothing interferes, and does not bulge, we disassemble. We grease the joints with glue and reassemble the entire structure.
Shelf hemisphere
Then we paint. You can walk the stain in a couple of layers, and the top varnish. And you can immediately lacquer with the dye.
Shelf hemisphere
The shelf is fixed to the wall with the help of such fasteners, which you can easily buy at any store that sells fasteners. Two of the same fasteners will be enough.

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