Heated floors for comfort in the house

"Warm floors" are good for use in most rooms, but which system is better to choose depends on a number of features. There are two ways to heat the room below - and electric floor.

Device of a warm water floor

Metapol (water floor) is a system of pipes along which hot water moves. It is located under the flooring. This option is more economical, but quite high raises the level of the floor. There is also the possibility of leakage of pipes, and it will not be easy to fix it. Previously, the temperature of the water floor was not regulated, now there are thermostats for him. Metapol good for use in homes with independent heating. It is advisable to plan its installation even when designing a building so that the height of the room is comfortable and high thresholds are not formed between the rooms equipped and non-equipped with “warm floor”.

How to install underfloor heating

They are installed as follows: the floor is leveled and cleaned, covered with heat and moisture-proof material. The pipes of the “warm floor” are laid, brought to the water circulation system, and the thermostat is installed. The screed is poured. After it dries, the floor is finished.

The device of a heat-insulated floor electric

Electric "warm floor" is of several varieties: cable, heating mats and infrared film floor.

Cable "heat-insulated floor" keeps within to the device of a coupler. Its thickness is not less than 3 centimeters, and therefore the level of the floor after installation will be lower than for metapol, but slightly higher than when installing other types of electric floors. Shielded heating cables are available in various lengths and cannot be cut. It is not recommended to include them before installation and final drying of the screed.

Heating mats are heating cables attached to a carrier grid. It can be installed on the screed directly into the tile adhesive or as a base for another floor covering. Mats are produced in various standard sizes. They can be cut on the grid, but you can not touch the cable.When installing them, you need to ensure that there are no air pockets left - their presence can damage the elements of the “warm floor”.

The infrared film is produced in the form of elements of various sizes, on which lines of a possible cut are applied. It fits under the floor finish and heats the air, not the air. Under the film is recommended to make the insulation of foil material. Infrared "warm floor" is mounted exclusively dry. The screed under it should dry well. If wet work is carried out over the laid film, waterproofing should be put on top. It is also desirable to make a solid substrate, if a soft coating, for example, carpet, is laid over the “warm floor”.

Underfloor heating: general recommendations

Any of the "warm floors" is not recommended to lay under the furniture. This is not only not economical, but can lead to overheating. When installed in the bathroom or toilet, elements of the “warm floor” should be laid so as not to damage them with the fixtures of the bathtub, toilet bowl or shower stall. Care must be taken that temperature sensors are not embedded in the screed.

For the "warm floors" developed a huge number of thermostats - from simple switches to programmable devices.

"Warm floor" is increasingly seen as an alternative to central heating or its necessary addition. When carrying out repairs should not ignore the opportunity to make your home a little better.

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