Heart-to-heart talk: interview with Olga Romanovskaya

TV presenter Julia Demina tries to reveal her interlocutors from new sides. Her new heroine is the ex-member of the group “VIA Gra” and Olga Romanovskaya, the host of the “Revizorro” program.
Olga, congratulations on your new post! You are now the host of the program "Revizorro." How did the first checks go? Where have you been? How do you feel in the new role?

I'm already the fifth month as a new presenter! They shot a lot of programs, were more than a hundred locations. Already do not remember how the first shoot! (Smiles) Of course, the sensations at the time of the start of work are different now. I am confident in my actions and in my rightness. I know why I do this and what I strive for. I visited many places ... During work in the group “VIA Gra” I traveled around many cities, but I did not see them. Airplane, hotel, concert venue, again the plane. Now I have a great opportunity to learn more about the city in which I work.

Tell us, how was the casting in the program?

I do not know how the casting was.I had samples. The samples looked the same as the program: they came to the restaurant and, so to speak, got acquainted with the kitchen and those who work on it. In our, auditing style met! Well, the producers watched the footage ... (Smiles)

How did the sons perceive the new work of their mother? And husband?

At first, everyone was happy. Now, when they began to see their mother and wife almost only on TV, their enthusiasm turned back! (Smiles)

We all knew Olga Romanovskaya first of all as an ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra”. In your interviews, you have repeatedly admitted that relations with the participants did not work out then ... And the producer of the group Konstantin Meladze did write unpleasant SMS with insults to you. But despite this, you did not break, but, on the contrary, you went solo, and quite successfully. How did you manage to maintain self-confidence? What emotions do you remember that period?

I did not maintain confidence in myself. I had to fight with myself, to learn something almost new. I had a rather long break in my singing career: six years is not a joke. I am now and ten years ago, when I just got into the VIA Gro, it’s not just different people, but it’s still very different periods in its maturity. I remember that period with warmth, even with love.For a long time there is no longing, only bright feelings. (Smiles)

Olga Romanovskaya

You have been on maternity leave for about a long time, about seven years. Was it difficult to return to the profession after such a long break?

Heavy. The question is not in my vocal or dance training - I was doing it at that time. I am very self-critical. If, as a woman, I was always sure of myself, then as an actress, then I had to constantly work on myself. A certain complex was. However, to some extent, he remained. But it even spurs. (Smiles)

Olga, it turns out that you are working in Russia now, your husband is in Europe, and the children are with your grandmother in Ukraine, right? Probably not easy to be away from your family? Are you bored?

Children from this autumn will study in Europe, where now our second home. Or maybe the first one. Of course, I love Odessa, there are relatives, friends, our small business, my usual life and favorite places ... But what to do, life does not stand still, and thank God! It is very difficult for me to be far from my family, as it is difficult for them without me. I can not say that I am successfully coping with this ...

What qualities do you think you need to succeed?

Well, it depends on what success to achieve! Good luck ... Being in that place and at that time is very important. Well, then persistence to achieve the desired.Talent? I look at some people ... Someone does without it. (Smiles)

And what does success mean to you?

Success in my profession is very easy to determine. This is when they recognize you on the street, and preferably they also remember the name! When for all the media you are a welcome guest. When your phone is torn from various offers ... For me it is the same. In my opinion, you can define love, happiness, joy in your own words, and success for an artist is a very objective and clear concept.

Olga Romanovskaya

Tell me, what are you mom? Strict? Soft? What principles in upbringing adhere to?

Actually strict. But the attacks of tenderness on me quite often rolls. I have boys, moreover, are already quite adults. I am very afraid that they will grow up spoiled ... Children and I are like friends, but sometimes they may be overwhelmed in games and jokes with me ... But I’m impulsive, it’s dangerous to bend with me! I can flare up, but I leave very quickly. My husband and I grew up without nannies and cooks, like most. Helped parents, went to the market, cleaned the apartment, washed the dishes ... We were independent. We know what it means to earn, what it means to sympathize, what it means to share.I would like the children to simply grow up healthy and decent people, who nevertheless will not give themselves to be offended.

You and your husband work a lot. How are you going to keep the same balance between family and career?

While in this mode of balance and speech can not be. We work a lot and, due to many circumstances, constantly on the road. It's hard for everyone. I depend on the family. Discussing with my husband six months ago our upcoming schedule with him, we were calm: everything seemed very easy. She did not know that it would be so difficult.

And, since quite recently I also became a mother, I have a question for you: how did you get back into shape after giving birth? Today, however, as always, you look great! Share the secret of the perfect figure?

This is sports and food, of course, first of all. Then there was also youth 😉 I can’t do it the way I used to. And my food is not normal. From this I also suffer very much. The form is lost, and the state of health is not that ... As soon as there is an opportunity, I will return to the previous regime. So do not waste time! Overcome laziness - the most difficult! Choose for yourself a couple of sports that will appeal to your soul and your figure. Diets are always considered nonsense.Just need to know when to stop.

How often do you visit beauty salons? What cosmetic procedures do you prefer?

Again, when I was more in control of my schedule, I visited salons much more often. Once every two weeks, the beautician is holy! Manicure, pedicure, hairstyle ... Everything as needed, which came not so rarely 😉 Massage is my favorite procedure! And for the figure, and for health. I tried to walk on it every other day. Now from time to time.

Olya, you do not plan to leave a singing career for the sake of television? Share your creative plans for the future!

Of course not! For me, the scene is in the first place! As for the career: the scene gives a completely different emotion. She - to me, I - to people. I remain there myself, communicate, dance, sing, I do what I adore, and this is my work. Is it a dream? I have plans and I will share them soon. But while it is impossible! (Smiles

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