Head in a dream - what is it

The washed head according to the dream of Meridian dreams of foreshadowing important events in life. A person will have to make strategic decisions to avoid fatal twists of fate. Pure hair in a dream symbolizes success in everyday affairs, career and personal growth is possible. Such a dream comes on the eve of success and achievements that will be appreciated by others.

An idiomatic dream book interprets visions in its own way. Following it, it can be argued that such a dream may indicate a "loss of head" - a strong feeling of love, an emotional outburst. In some cases, this organ of the human body dreams at the stage of personal development, the time of enlightenment and pure reason.

Sometimes a person may experience dizziness in a dream, which indicates a high self-esteem of the person. A man with a big head in a dream speaks of high intelligence and mental abilities. Head - bowler symbolizes dexterity and ingenuity of nature.

According to the female dream book, the appearance in the visions of someone's head can talk about a possible important meeting with promising people who will help solve difficult issues. But to see your body is not very good, perhaps soon disease. The two-headed being speaks about a high probability of climbing the career ladder. A severe headache foreshadows unpleasant troubles and worries in everyday life.

To wash one's head means to make right and objectively balanced decisions in real life. The image of the animal's head may indicate that the decisions made in respect of loved ones and acquaintances are incorrect. A severed and bloody organ indicates a lot of grief and failure in the future.

Russian folk interpretations explain this dream simply - it is a symbol of a strong mind and high social status.

But the writer Aesop in more detail explains the meaning of dreams with the presence of the head. He believes that the main organ of a person can be present in different ways in dreams. When interpreting, it is necessary to build on the nature of the vision and the image of the organ in it.

If you see in a dream a man who is trying to smash his head in the door, then you should beware of rash acts.The irrationality of decisions made can have big consequences even in the distant future. To see the struggle of a human head against a wall means to stand on the threshold of major conflicts and battles. In this case, you will need to gather a lot of strength to withstand all the alterations of fate and to prove to others around your point of view.

Often the head dreams in the form of a pot. You may dream a person who complains about the malfunction of the boiler. Such a dream hints at problems with working affairs, reproaches from the management. A dream with the image of a man who goes over the heads of a large crowd is a sign of his own envy, which has no real basis.

Ukrainian dream book explains what a living head can dream of. Such dreams foreshadow an increase in welfare and honor. Gray hair indicates a person’s sadness. Short haircut speaks of well-being and success. A person will be threatened with the death of his parents if his own severed head appeared in his dream. To cut off a head means to acquire something important in the near future.

Head in the spring dream book is the predecessor of affairs and concerns

The Dream Trader interprets the head as a symbol of power and worship. Such an image can symbolize high-ranking personalities, superiors, and leadership. A massive head dreams of wealth and success. To see oneself without a head means to soon get rid of the disease, to acquire true happiness. The miniature organ speaks of negative phenomena in a person’s life.

In the Big Dream Book, the appearance in a dream of a big head promises good luck in all undertakings. Shorn hair on the head indicates a previous misfortune. The miniature head dreams of poverty, and the curly one - to joy. The process of chopping off the head means a speedy victory.

The dream interpretation of the twenty-first century interprets the image of the head as a sign of an upcoming important meeting, which can radically change life. His own head in dreams, separated from the body, talks about the need for treatment and health care. A large body testifies to wealth and well-being, and a small one - to poverty and hard work.

Long hair dreams on the eve of significant waste, loss, but short, on the contrary - to profit. The head, turned back, talks about the difficulties and the suspension of affairs.Many heads can dream a person before a significant improvement in affairs. A washed head in a dream speaks of good luck, and a horse head speaks of bad luck and hostile relations. The headless man who comes to meet you symbolizes the deep misfortunes in life.

In the dream book of the Hasse medium of a large head, it means approaching the happy moments in life. To cut off someone's head is to gain a victory. Headlessness indicates troubles and failures in life.

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