Have you already mentioned “Beaujolais Nouveau”?

Do you know what Beaujolais Nouveau is? If not, be sure to find out!

What is Beaujolais Nouveau?

Beaujolais Nouveau, literally translated as "the new Beaujolais" - is an amazing French young wine made from grapes grapes. Traditionally it is produced in Beaujolais - a region of France located in Burgundy. Such a drink ripens much faster than the others, and is somewhat inferior in taste.

On sale Beaujolais nouveau appears almost immediately after the completion of a period of short fermentation, which lasts about one and a half months. This drink has a very bright and rather sharp, but not tart taste. When tasting, you can highlight noticeable notes of raspberry, currant and cherry. The color is transparent red. Long-term storage of this type of wine is not subject to, so it is recommended to use it within three to four months after the production date.

Interestingly, many French rulers didn’t really like Boole Nouveau, and some even forbade it.But ordinary French people drink this drink every year, and most certainly with pleasure.


Beaujolais Nouveau wine ripens quickly and therefore is considered young. The bright taste of this drink is explained by the process of carbonaceous maceration, which the raw materials undergo. The grapes are placed in not very large vats, and they close for about six days.

Juice, the percentage of which is about half of the total weight of grapes, is formed under the influence of the gravity of the clusters. Next, the fruits are pressed, then another month fermentation occurs. Then the wine is packaged in bottles and goes on sale.

Every year, 45-50 million liters of the drink is produced in the homeland of Beaujolais Nouveau, and more than half of this volume is exported outside the country and sold in other states. The leaders in consumption are Germany, Japan, USA. The most popular wine was at the end of the twentieth century, and in this century, the interest shown in it fades away.

Wine Celebration

In France, the feast of Beaujolais Nouveau is annually commemorated to the realization The history of this kind of celebration with its roots goes back to the middle of the last century and is associated with a successful commercial move.Winemakers have long noticed that the wine made from grapes of game is much inferior in quality to other more noble and refined ones. But at the same time, it very quickly matures that the Burgundian manufacturers decided to turn it into a plus and use it to increase revenue.

The traditions of the holiday are very interesting. The celebration begins in the small town of Beaujois, located in Beaujolais. Winemakers make torches from the vines, light them and begin the way to the town square, where barrels filled with drink are installed.

Corks open at midnight, and from that moment on, the wine literally flows like water, spreading throughout France and even going beyond it. The motto of the celebration is the phrase: “Le Beaujolais est arrivé!”, Which literally translates as “The Beaujolais arrived!”.

Today, the date in question is celebrated not only in France, but also in some other countries. And what caused such a stir, it is not clear. But a few days before the third Thursday of the last autumn month, the mass of bottles of the drink leaves the state and is exported almost throughout the continent.

In the cafes, shops and bars of Beaujolais Nouveau are looking forward toand some owners hold a celebration in honor of the wine. Winemakers and manufacturers arrange competitions in the speed of delivery of products to different parts of the world.

When is the holiday?

In 1951, a law appeared in France that prohibited selling wine before mid-December. But by this time, the Beaujolais Nouveau had lost some of its traditional properties, so the winemakers who made the grape drink from the gamet had asked to start trading earlier. A concession was made, and early wine began to be sold in early November. And in the late 60s of the last century, the authorities again decided to limit the start of implementation, until November 15. Late start of implementation was timed to the third Thursday of the month.

How to drink Beaujolais nouveau?

To enjoy the taste of this wine, it is recommended to cool it to about 12-13 degrees before serving. And if you are interested in what to use the Beaujolais Nouveau, then delicacies are not served. And this is due, above all, to the bright taste, which overshadows literally everything, including exquisite notes and aromas of complex dishes. So it is best to drink wine with simple meats, such as smoked ham, ham, roast, and so on.But also to the table you can serve any cheeses, they also perfectly blend with Beaujolais nouveau.

If you hear about the Beaujolais Nouveau holiday for the first time and have never drunk this wine, then at least once remember about this date and try a drink to pay tribute to the traditions of France.

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