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Habitat. What is in the tin canHabitat. What is in the tin can

Habitat. What is in the tin can



Canned food- it's always a mystery, you never know what's inside. Sealed tin can made of iron, it is impossible to look. The habitat has opened one hundred cans of canned food to make sure that the contents of the canned food match the label on the can. Weighed 50 cans to check the ratio of water and corn, in which direction the producers most often "make mistakes." Opened 10 cans of pickled cucumbers to find out where they were grown. It turns out that you cannot find “our” cucumbers in the daytime with fire, everything is being brought from abroad by leading Indian companies. Cooked condensed milk to find out if there is more milk there. Now the transmission habitat in the series "What is in the tin can»Will tell us how to choose the right peas, corn, condensed milk, canned food, etc.

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