Gypsy fortune telling on cards: the meaning of cards, how to guess like gypsies on playing cards

Gypsy fortune telling on mapsIn fortune-telling, Roma have always been considered the best. They went to learn about fate, ask for advice. They were believed and often even afraid of their words. It is known that the gypsy prophecy is endowed with magical meaning and always comes true. Gypsy women most often use three ways of divination: by the hand, on the cards, and by the person’s eyes.

Gypsy fortune telling on playing cards

Gypsy fortune telling on cards today is easy for everyone to master. Remember that the alignment can only tell about the expected scenario of events, since the future is very dependent on human behavior and character.

To carry out the process of divination, you need a standard deck of 36 cards. You have to throw away your thoughts and focus directly on the scenario. Only in the case of complete peace you can understand what the cards say.If you are interested in a specific question, the answer to which you want to ask the cards, then try to focus on it as much as possible.

Gypsy fortune telling on playing cards

Gypsy fortune telling on 10 cards

The easiest way to learn the skill of gypsy fortune telling on 10 cards, which is a simple way.

First you should choose a fortune card telling what is now in the heart of a person. From the deck, you need to get it at random and place it below. Then we post another 3 cards in 3 rows. The top row will mark the past of the person who is wondering, the middle row - the present, the bottom - the future. Remember that at the time of divination, the location of the particular map also matters. So, for example, the left in the first row is associated with the kin of the one to whom the alignment is made.

Lenormand divination is considered another popular way: a deck of 36 cards must be decomposed into 4 rows of 9 pieces. Interpret their values ​​should be based on the location of the map-significator. For women, this is the ace of hearts, for men - the peak, and for children - the jack of the spades.

Gypsy fortune telling on 10 cards

The value of gypsy cards for divination

To interpret the meaning of Gypsy cards, you need to have a figurative mindset, because each of them can change their predictions in a different position.If we talk about suits, then in general, hearts are a symbol of cordial affairs and love, diamonds are money, peaks are strength and power, but trefs in gypsy divination are associated with service or hard work. Fortune-tellers who already have solid experience take into account the prevalence of each suit in the series. Some cards change their value due to how they lie relative to the tip of the central icon. If it is directed upwards at a seven or nine, then this indicates an increase in something, downward - things are going on for a fall or a negative result.

If you are just learning and gaining experience in gypsy predictions, then you should be guided by standard values. So, among the heart suit, the six speak about the road, the seven promise a meeting, and the eight speak. Nine predicts love, a dozen - dreams, and the jack - troubles. The queen and the king are associated with the man and the woman, and the ace indicates the house, the hearth.

The value of clubs is as follows: the six predict the road to work, the seven and eight talk about business meetings, nine promises the emergence of cordial affection, a dozen - hopes, jack - cares, the lady points to the mother-in-law or mother, the king to the boss, the ace to the business proposal .

Peak cards should be interpreted as follows: the six broadcasts the long road in the late evening, the seven predict tears, the eight - the drink, the nine - the disease, a dozen speaks of unfulfilled dreams. The jack is about empty troubles, the lady is associated with a bad woman, the king is associated with a military and serious man, an ace promises drunkenness or a blow.

Maps of the suit of diamonds: the six predicts a close path in the early morning, the seven and the eight - conversations, fussy events, nine predicts love, a dozen points to plans. Jack - on easy chores, the lady means an unmarried girl, the king - an unmarried man, an ace says about the news, filled with important meaning.

Try to guess yourself, you will definitely succeed!

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