Gwyneth Paltrow was fined for pseudoscientific activity

Ten years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow created the Goop online newsletter with innocent recommendations on how to live and eat in order to feel healthy, and in 2012 founded the eponymous lifestyle-brand. He quickly began to make a profit despite the fact that the products that Gwyneth sold were causing a lot of questions from the scientific community: for example, she recommended treating cancer with mental power, and on the online store website, customers were offered nephritic and quartz vaginal eggs to increase sexual energy and stickers from the "material used by NASA", necessary for the "balance of energy fluctuations of our body" and caused a great surprise among NASA specialists.

At the end of July, Condé Nast refused to release Gwyneth magazine because it was a gathering of untested medical facts and statements from questionable specialists.But now the situation is much more serious: buyers who did not notice any effect from the magic goods, gathered to file a lawsuit against the company Paltrow. In addition, it also became clear that the effects described in the advertisement have no scientific evidence. The result is as follows: under the pre-trial agreement, Goop promised to pay compensation in the amount of $ 145,000 to those who purchased the products, and the effectiveness in advertising will no longer be discussed.

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