Great Lent Calendar: April 3–9

We make the menu for the sixth week of the post.

Monday, April 3,- malnutrition, the menu is raw vegetables and fruits.

Tuesday, April 4th,- boiled vegetable food with butter.

Wednesday, April 5th,- malnutrition, the menu is raw vegetables and fruits.

Thursday April 6th- boiled vegetable food with butter.

Friday, April 7th,- hot vegetable food without oil.

Saturday, April 8th,- boiled vegetable food with butter, wine.

Sunday April 9th,- boiled vegetable food with oil, fish, wine.

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This week has just two big holidays - the Annunciation and Palm Sunday, and therefore the fasting menu becomes more diverse. On Friday, you can refuse the eating, and on Sunday fish are allowed. Having added it to the diet, listen to the body, perhaps the stomach has already become accustomed to only vegetables and fruits, and therefore will perceive animal proteins in bayonets. The fact is that when you change the diet, the body is rebuilt.To digest the usual foods, the digestive glands produce juices of a certain composition. Due to the absence of animal products in the menu, the amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach decreases, it is necessary for the absorption of protein foods. Such a restructuring can lead to an exacerbation of diseases of the stomach, such as gastritis, ulcers. Changes sometimes cause a breakdown and even depression. But problems can be avoided. For this it is important to organize the right diet. Try to eat four or five times a day, because herbal products are less calories. Two or three snacks per day simply will not provide the body with the necessary energy. This will lead to fatigue, weakness. Eat by the hour. The digestive system will get used to the routine and will work without failures. Do not eat those dishes that you do not like. Such food will not be digested until the end.


Follow the rules of nutrition, prepare vitamin dishes, but do you feel not in the best way? Have insomnia, fatigue, irritability? Give up a strict post. Add in the diet at least dairy products or eggs, stick to the menu of plant foods two or three days a week.

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