Goodbye, white ceiling! 7 reasons to change the color of the ceiling

Indistinct, neutral, no. That's what a white ceiling is in the room. Why does the whole celebration of colors and expressions go to walls only, why only walls, floor, furniture and accessories carry the whole idea of ​​style in themselves, and the ceiling simply does not hesitate to paint in white? Maybe it's time to tell him: farewell, boring white ceiling !?

Let there be color! How to paint the ceiling?

But really, maybe it's time to reconsider the views on the ceilings and start painting them after all? From very light shades of beige or, say, pale yellow, it will not appear lower, a little light green will give a feeling of spring freshness, and a slight shade of sky blue will fill the room with air and lightness.

Do you think an active red ceiling, crimson or emerald will ruin the whole interior? Of course, it will ruin it, but only if you do not think in advance about the color scheme of the whole room, where each color will have its place, and all colors will harmonize, ruin if the furniture is arranged randomly, and the room is full of visually heavy and “stuffy” objects.

But imagine a room, even in a small apartment, with white walls, neatly not cluttering furniture and bright blue ceiling. Add some blue accessories, scribble pillows of different shades of blue and turquoise and add one small detail in a contrasting color, hang light white curtains developing from the breeze - and the feeling of a villa on the coast will come by itself.

No less interesting can be played and dark ceilings - the colors of wine or chocolate, purple or dark green can give a special solemnity and charm. And what can we say, black is the most undervalued color of the ceiling, which must be used carefully and in consultation with the designer, but which gives incredible, unsurpassed results!

Experts recommend:

  1. when painting the ceiling to use in the living room safe paints necessarily water-based - latex or acrylic;
  2. for a room, standard or washable paint for walls and ceilings will suit; latex ideally shows itself: choose paints marked B1 for light shades and B3 for bright and dark colors;
  3. for wet areas like the bathroom and kitchenIt is better to use a special paint that prevents the formation of fungus.

7 undeniable reasons to make colored ceilings in the interior

It is the color ceiling that gives an excellent opportunity to break the monotony in the interior design, change the character of the house, add life and dynamics, or vice versa, muffle the rhythm and get rid of chaos. It can become the tuning fork of the color palette of the entire room. You have at least 7 reasons to make the ceiling colored!

1. To assemble the color of the interior

Do you like turquoise and unknowingly bought a lot of cute things of turquoise color, and the interior now looks like something scattered? More courage: paint the same or slightly lighter color ceiling and see how everything will fall into place and sound!

2. To add coziness

There are rooms that look empty and cold, whatever you do. The ceiling of warm soft shades will be here just by the way!

3. To lower or raise the ceiling

It is hard to imagine, but someone has to visually lower the ceiling. Here the advice is simple: without thinking paint the ceiling darker. And you can achieve the opposite effect and raise the ceiling - for this you need to paint the upper part of the wall in the same color: when the eye does not notice the transition of the wall to the ceiling, the latter is perceived as high.

4.To select a zone

To divide, for example, the kitchen and dining area is used, if not by partitions, then by the type of floor covering or furniture, but even easier to do this by repainting part of the ceiling. A bright square on the ceiling can emphasize the most important, guest part of the room, distracting attention from personal zones. For example, it is possible to “shade” a bed in a one-room apartment.

5. To diversify the interior

What should the owner of a standard apartment, who dreams of a large stylish house "like a glossy magazine"? When it is impossible to cut a window on the whole wall or at least somehow increase the living space, an interesting bright ceiling will easily make the apartment unusual and memorable.

6. To add life

The sofa is moved to the wall, on the floor there is a carpet, a wall and a TV - everything is somehow too correct and traditional, whatever one may say. Paint the ceiling in crimson, canary yellow or difficult purple - your life will become more active, believe me, if you are filled with energy!

7. To speak out

Somewhere inside you there is a hot rebel hidden, you do not have enough sonorous expressions of emotions? Do you want to express your character, do not like everyday life? Immediately paint the ceiling! In the most juicy color you can imagine!

In the end, you can always return to white color.

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