Gerard Butler broke up with the girl because of the children

While Jude Law is rumored to soon become a father for the sixth time, Gerard Butler still remains an inveterate bachelor and to the prospect of acquiring heirs is very wary. In November, the actor will turn 49, but no girl has managed to stay in his life for long, except for the interior designer Morgan Brown. Gerard and Morgan met from 2014 and, it would seem, everything in the pair was perfect, but in the main their views were still diverging: Morgan really wanted children. Because of this, according to sources, the couple fled the other day definitively: Butler firmly believes that he is not ready for fatherhood yet. And Brown, who has already turned 40, sees no reason to wait.

By the way, this is not the first time when lovers tried to leave: two years ago, Gerard tried to build a relationship with TV presenter Lizzie Candy, and Morgan began to meet with actor Liv Schreiber - ex-husband Naomi Watts.But soon after that, Butler and Brown came together again. “I have always been fascinated by the state when someone can overcome you, attract you, and arouse all good things in you. This feeling completely embraces you, and you realize that you no longer belong to yourself. It is difficult to get used to the fact that a person has appeared in your life, who now occupies most of your thoughts and even commands you. I have a lot of doubts and fears about this, and thoughts come to my head: I can't do this anymore! ”The actor admitted in an interview.

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