Fusion - the search for the best harmony in everything.

"Fusion" has become one of the most pressing trends in interior design, in music, cooking, in the style of life itself - this trend combines new and old, kitsch and high art, East and West. "Fusion" (English) - in translation it is "alloy" or "fusion." External forms of style demonstrate extraordinary solutions that often go beyond the usual. Placing, for example, a ceramic vase from Africa on a thin-legged French table, you can rejoice at the surprising and unexpected combination - this is part of the fusion style.

The fusion of styles, cultures, worldviews, technologies and mentalities is the true spirit of the present and the main feature of modernity. Fusion shows itself in everything: Japanese music groups mix Latin American rhythms and hip-¬ hop, German and American business women learn belly dancing, Indian programmers are the best in the world, Vietnamese sandwiches offer fast food, and Seoul teens turn the world around.Globalization and the interpenetration of all the best and new is a unique feature of modernity, which is reflected in fusion. In one interior, this style boldly and harmoniously combines the techniques of trends and styles, mixing the retro and modernity of materials, the uniqueness of hand-made products and technological things. The interior of the best hotels, such as the Holiday Inn Moscow gate, offering excellent and comfortable rooms. The style is most vividly expressed by the worldview of a person who is well acquainted with the history and culture of different eras and countries. When shaping the interior, combinations are needed not by color and origin, but by harmony of taste and bold experiments, but not by pretentiousness. It is your feelings for the subject of the situation that are important. Home fusion space allows you to go out of your daily life at home, feel more deeply the moment “now” and travel across continents and epochs without leaving your home. An amazing interior in this style is typical for the rooms, which the Luko hotel offers to its guests, harmoniously combining hi-tech details and oriental motifs in the interior. For example,Wallpapers that mimic natural materials and are made using the latest technologies create the conditions for the manifestation of all the breadth for creative thought. The combination of these wallpapers with exotic unique oriental souvenirs is an original and excellent solution. In fusion, one should not be afraid of experiments - when creating an interior, it is necessary to combine styles and rules, seeking harmony, each time in new proportions and with new ingredients.

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