From the handsome to the monster: how did Mickey Rourke change from role to role

The once recognized sex symbol of Hollywood celebrates its birthday on September 16th. The actor suffered several unsuccessful plastic surgeries, trying to regain his former beauty. We have collected the most vivid roles of the actor, by which you can follow all the changes in appearance.

In fact, Rourke himself can not find peace, worrying about his appearance. Hollywood star sincerely believes that he looks disgusting. And he only blames himself. According to Mickey, he spent too much time and money on alcohol and revelry, having lost not only true friends, but also reputation, and with it good movie offers. Debts forced the actor, once included in the list of some of the sought-after stars, to enter the ring. However, boxing allowed Rourke to pay creditors, but the price of pay was high. Fragmented cheekbone, five-broken nose, four concussions! Trying to bring his face into a divine form, Mickey fell into the hands of a non-professional surgeon. The result of the operations shocked not only the fans, but also the actor himself.You could forget about the title of the sex symbol and the roles of the handsome men. In 2012, the actor made another attempt and turned to another surgeon. For three years, the former handsome man underwent several metamorphoses, and it would seem, for the better. But in 2015, the restless actor decided on a circular plastic, which did not change the appearance of Rourke for the better.

However, let's not get ahead. Your attention presents the best role of the birthday, by which we can trace all the changes - from the sex symbol to the monster.

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