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What do most people associate with France? Yes, of course, with romance, love, beauty and, of course, fashion! Refined, elegant, multifaceted, chic and worthy - all this can be said about the French style, as in the interior, clothes or not at all, in life.

France is a kind of guarantor of the beautiful, seductive and necessarily luxurious, which is always accompanied by restraint and the absence of unnecessary pretentiousness, if England can be associated with stiffness, then France - with harmony.

This is france

It is even difficult to imagine that once such a status, generally recognized and well-known throughout the world, the French style, did not exist at all! His amazing procession, in many respects, he began from the time of royal luxury and unprecedented chic, which reached its peak in the XV-XVIII centuries.

After all, there really is something to remember, numerous royal mistresses who dressed in the latest French fashion, to follow their style was considered the height of taste and elegance.

As early as the 14th century, the French king Louis contributed to the active development of the textile industry in France, which, over time, became the main supplier of clothing and other luxury goods in Europe and far beyond.

A lot is really connected with France: what are the names of world designers, each of whom created or creates in his own era, but still has not lost its popularity in the whole world: Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Pierre Cardin and many others!

Real talent

In order to understand why they are still considered to be style icons, they try to imitate and follow them in everything, it’s enough just to look at their creations at least once.

French style in the interior or clothing is not just special things, styles, well-known brands or colors - this is a whole world, based on three basic concepts: simplicity, chic and practicality.

Guided by such simple principles, you can recreate the French style in any area of ​​life, most importantly, skillfully operate with these concepts.

You probably ask, how can simplicity and chic live together in one concept? It turns out that it can. For example,if you met a girl on the street who catches the eye with a bright make-up, an unnatural hairstyle, expensive, branded clothing that “screams” that she is fashionable and stylish, do not hesitate for a minute, you are definitely not French.

Real Paris

The same applies to the interior and decor: many confuse the French style with bohemian, royal luxury. They are trying to infuse a lot of historicism into the atmosphere, which is a common mistake.

Excessive luxury, wealth and deliberately chic interiors, which can be accompanied by expensive furniture, pompous lambrequins and gilded candelabra - this is not a modern French style, but rather a museum of some king of France.

By the way, from there they went, already known to the whole world, Rococo, Baroque, Art Deco and others. Modern French style is a successful combination of past and present, which absorbed all the elegance, refinement and tenderness of the Middle Ages, diluting the inclusions of modern fashion and practicality. If you learn to understand such features, then it will become much easier to conform to the style of France.

Natural French Beauty

Where do all the fashionable currents and paths meet? Of course, in Paris. And not only in it, all of France has long become a universally recognized trendsetter of fashion and style, every girl who conforms to the French style of dress, always looks perfect, sensual and even slightly mysterious.

Cool image

Any real Frenchwoman, even without special beauty and appearance, is capable of looking so that she will be accompanied by a admiring glance. And, most interestingly, for this it is not necessary to be the owner of a fabulous wardrobe, it is enough to have a few things that in the correct and successful combinations can be replaced with a dozen dresses and suits.

The real style of a French woman presupposes the presence of necessarily high-quality and expensive things, the French do not update their wardrobe every season, they live according to the principle: “better less often, but more expensive and better”.

This chic

But, by the way, note, expensive clothes do not mean striking eyes, they should look quite simple and restrained. This is the basics of the French style, which distinguish it from the general mass.

You'll never meet a Frenchwoman,which will allow itself to go out into public place in a training suit or in a stretched T-shirt, even in a home setting, they prefer graceful dressing gowns and expensive beautiful underwear.

Yes, yes, by the way, it gives the woman the necessary femininity, adds confidence and a certain grace in behavior. It is important to remember that the French style in clothes is not just a certain cut of dresses or skirts, special ornaments or bags, first of all, it is a certain way of life, a state of the soul, impregnated with harmony and easy self-admiration.

A French woman always tries to stay a little “embellished”, and even on the busiest day she finds time to change clothes, for example, for dinner or for a business meeting.

Here you can meet such beauties

The style of a fashionable Frenchwoman can not be overloaded with an excessive number of colors and accessories, most often, one neutral color is taken as a basis, which is diluted with yet another calm but contrasting shade.

For example, a light blue suit can be diluted with a white belt or scarf, and gray or blue accessories can be added to dark tones, maybe it will be a handbag, gloves or a handkerchief.By the way, it is scarves or light developing scarves that fully convey all the romanticism and sensuality of France.

Takes here like

Particular attention is important to pay makeup and hair, they also should not be heavy: high-quality black mascara and red lipstick - this is your main weapon. Hairstyles are reduced to naturalness, but, at the same time, the emphasized accuracy should not leave them even in the late evening or early morning.

Interior and decor from France

As we have said, the pomp and deliberate chic, which arose in the XVII-XVIII centuries at the French court, over time, transformed and diminished, and the most striking and characteristic of the directions of France's decor was Provence, as it is also called, ennobled country.


But if Provence is only a version, then the general modern French style is, it may be said, an urban option that is distinguished by “elegant simplicity”, complemented by a spectacular decor, elegant and expensive furniture, as well as comfortable conditions that will make the life of any person living in them, comfortable and enjoyable.

Coziness and comfort

To achieve this in reality, you need to adhere to the main points:

  • The prevalence of light colors and shades in the interior: pearl, light beige, ivory, lavender, light pink, gold, ocher, cobalt. It is very important to observe a smooth transition from one shade to another, sharp differences and contrasts are inappropriate.
  • Textiles are widely used for decorating furniture, windows, pillows and walls: curtains, canopies, bedspreads, decorated with tassels, cords, fringe and other interesting elements.
  • In the interior only expensive antique furniture is used, often the effects of "aging" are used, wrought iron at the head of beds, in chests, watches, tables and chairs.
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