Need a plug? Trump laugh social network food

A US presidential candidate from the Republican Party posted on his Twitter image, which immediately caused a flurry of emotions and a series of fotozhab.

It would seem that the usual photo, in which the famous Donald Trump enthusiastically absorbs food that is so popular among its potential voters. Trump, as a far-sighted politician, decided in this way to show that nothing human is alien to him, and even fast food for lunch is quite the place to be. It would have been nothing if the presidential candidate for the United States had not armed with a knife and fork, pictorially spreading chicken meat on a porcelain platter. And all this, mind you, in the luxurious scenery of a private jet! You can not say anything, approached the people.

Photo: @realDonaldTrump

Users, by the way, also noted inconsistencies and brought down a lot of negative comments on a potential US president. “Well, who eats such a dish with a knife and fork? Probably those guys who eat pizza with the help of devices! ”- the subscribers laughedapparently hinting at Trump’s recent blunder, when for one commercial with appetite he devoured a giant slice of pizza, and for some reason took a bite off the crust for the first time. Or to his meeting with Sarah Palin in 2011, when they both ate the same pizza with cutlery.

Other voters suggested that Donald might be prevented by his anatomical features from using simple foods like everyone else. “Why do you need a knife and fork for chicken? Are your hands too small to hold meat? ”Others noticed.

But there were those who tried to justify the policy: “Nothing out of the ordinary. This guy, like you or me, is eating chicken. Knife and fork. On board his plane. " And for some reason in such comments more malice slipped, rather than support.

By the way, this post gained more than 57 thousand likes, and even messages like: “No matter what anyone thinks about Trump, but there is such a dish with a knife and fork - this is a disqualification from the presidential race,” the policy won't be out of balance. With or without cutlery, Donald seriously intends to win the fight for the presidency.

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