Florist tips: the perfect bouquet in 10 steps

No matter what you need a bouquet for a gift or decorate your home. In any case, it should look perfect. There are several secrets that can transform a simple set of flowers and leaves, turning them into a beautiful artistic object. Arm yourself with everything you need and start creating.

Step 1:

Pick up a vase and composition of your bouquet. Start with a visual assessment of the diameter of the vase. The volume of flowers in the bouquet should be about 4 times more. The simplest solution is to choose different shades of the same color. Choose from three to five kinds of colors. It will be easiest for you to work if the flowers of each species have the same amount.

Step 2:

Prepare the correct solution. Thanks to the addition of sugar, the flowers will stay fresh longer and will not begin to lean down. Since there will be leaves in the water, care must be taken to prevent bacteria from reproducing in a vase. Fill the container with water, add a spoon of baking soda and a little bleach.

Step 3:

In this case, a glass vase is used. A real florist would take care to hide the stems. To do this, lay large leaves in the water, which are placed on the walls of the tank. Make sure that the bleach does not get on your clothes or work surface.

Step 4:

Take care that each flower remains in its place. To do this, on the top of the vase, make a grid of floristic or ordinary insulation tape.

Step 5:

In flowers, remove all the leaves that are below the water level. On the leaves, the bacteria multiply faster, and if left, the flower will quickly wither.

Step 6:

Using sharp flower scissors or a regular knife, make a diagonal cut on the stem of each flower. It is important to achieve the maximum area of ​​cut, so the flowers will get more water. Do not use ordinary scissors - they will split the stem, and this does not benefit the flower. It is better to make a cut above the basin with water to immediately place the flower there, preventing long contact with the air. Otherwise the airlock will not allow the stalk to absorb water.

Step 7:

It's time to place the flowers in a vase.To do this, divide all the flowers into groups, and place each on your site. Just such a bouquet, where different types of flowers will not mix with each other, will look more professional.

Step 8:

Place shorter flowers along the edges, and long ones in the center, so that the bouquet has a shape that approximates the dome. Thus, the stems will be hidden.

Step 9:

Add a bow-shaped ornament made from large leaves. A plant like aspidistra is very good for this.

Step 10:

Fill the voids in the bouquet with plants with small flowers or berries. Place small islands throughout the bouquet to combine the composition. Your bouquet is ready.

Change the water under the flowers daily (each time add the necessary ingredients). This will help prevent the reproduction of bacteria and prolong the bouquet of life. Trim the edge of the stem a little each time. Keep the bouquet in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

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