Fitness blogger proves that no pop in the world looks like a peach

Tired of perfect babes in Instagram feed? Then subscribe to a fitness blogger from Canada, Sarah Puhto, who daily puts honest collages in her account, where she compares her body in relaxed and advantageous positions. She does it for a reason, but to remind us that the ideal does not exist and all these perfect girls that you subscribe to on Instagram are in fact not so perfect.

“When you want to compare yourself with someone's successful photo,” advises Sarah, who does not disappear in the gym all day, but at the same time goes in for sports a couple of times a week and tries to follow the diet. - Remember that you are shown the perfect picture in which a girl is just afraid to breathe, straining her muscles. And this is probably one of a hundred footage, which she also worked with Photoshop. "“No one holds a press 24 hours a day,” says a fitness blogger. - No priest in the world looks like a peach from all sides. Such pictures are far from reality. Be yourself, that’s what makes you beautiful. ”

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