Female attractiveness

Svetlana Rumyantseva

Male attention is the main reason for women's competition. The beauty industry from year to year makes changes to the formula of attractiveness, psychologists and sociologists derive patterns, but the question still remains open. What features does an attractive woman have? Who is she? And what makes her so attractive?

Eyes of a man

Hairstyle, dress, shoes, make-up - among Russian women, the tradition is strengthening, even in a shop to dress up as for a holiday. Before whom do we show off? Male attention will take the penultimate line of the rating among the reasons why ladies suggest hourly makeup, going shopping in a nearby supermarket. What worries the fair sex? Someone's mind.

Female attractiveness

A woman is worried about what a neighbor will think about her, the shoppers of the store, the girl at the checkout. Suddenly circles under the eyes or unfolded hair will be a reason to talk behind your back? At work, things are even more serious. To hit the face in front of colleagues is a humiliating prospect. Today she neglected her appearance - tomorrow became a secret reason for ridicule.The female team is attentive to detail. Everything happens in it, as in a joke in which 5 girlfriends gathered together and did not find a topic for conversation, because all the friends were present at the evening.

Women dress up for women. Handbag - the envy, new shoes - a reason for pride. Brands and brands are an indicator of success. Fashionable wardrobe is created not to the delight of men, but to the envy of rivals. For ladies, branded items, as for a man, a car is an indicator of the class and “market value” of the owner of this luxury.

But the trouble is, men are much worse versed in the big names of fashion designers than women in car brands. For the representative of the stronger sex, the material condition of the chosen one is not so important.

According to the results of opinion polls, men prefer when the income of a woman is lower than their own.

But competition plays an important role. When choosing a partner, a man does not mind fighting. The coveted trophy warms the male ego. This is where the feminine desire to avoid rumors in society comes in: the better the image, the greater the competition.

Tastes differ

How many men - so many tastes.Ladies take care of the ideal parameters, drive themselves into tight boundaries, gain complexes and fears. Women's trouble is that women are judged for their beauty for men. In this judgment, the point of departure is the Miss World, smiling from the TV screen, the top model, the heroine of a love movie, always inimitably beautiful, in the best traditions of Hollywood fairy tales.

Female attractiveness

Life is far from poetry. This is a severe prose of reality, in which every man has his own taste. The influence of the media on the representatives of the stronger sex is still palpable, especially on the young. But the older a man is, the freer he is from taste prejudices. Standard 90-60-90 does not seem so attractive anymore. Some look narrowly at the ladies, others choose the little thin. Some men pay attention to hands, eyes or legs. Almost everyone has a favorite part of the female body, which can overshadow everything else. If a representative of the stronger sex focuses on seductive female ankles and ankles, he may not even notice the subject of the female complex - a small tummy or a pop-pear.

Men love with their eyes - this is true. A woman attracts members of the opposite sex with her appearance: face, hair, figure. How men's preferences are formed is a mystery. There are genetic predispositions - a reaction to pheromones, personal preferences, formed from childhood, social attitudes. Views on women change with age. At 20, he loved slender brunettes, at 30 - temperamental redheads, and by the age of 40 he switched to plump blondes.

Over the years, the emphasis on appearance disappears. On the forefront are personal qualities. Datura love and hormonal storms are left behind.

A man seeks constancy, living together, draws attention to the nature, behavior, gestures. To please, learn preferences of the chosen one, be guided by age, education, social status, moral principles.

What do men pay attention to?

So what do men like? Are there any general patterns and preferences among the males?

beauty and health

If beauty is a subjective concept, then the ideas about women's health among the representatives of the stronger sex are similar.The search for females capable of carrying strong offspring in men in the blood. Assessment is instant and unconscious. What influences her?


A healthy woman glows with love of life. She has clean skin, strong nails, shiny hair. Cosmetics will not hide the painful look of the face, blue circles under the eyes. Proofreaders work wonders, but sooner or later you will have to be with a man in a more intimate setting. Amazing nighttime metamorphosis does not go unnoticed.

Female attractiveness

The abundance of cosmetics repels men. It is not known what is hidden under the mask. A healthy girl does not need a ton of foundation and a kilogram of proofreaders. Today, the stores have a wide selection of caring cosmetics: masks, creams, scrubs, oils, tonics, mousses. But they do not solve the problem of lack of sleep, poor diet, hormonal imbalance. A good dermatologist will help to deal with skin defects, find the cause of the problems and prescribe treatment.


The generally accepted ideal of modern society is the hourglass. Men like wide hips, full breasts, slender waist. But this is all statistics. In life, the representatives of the stronger sex are not so picky.Yes, someone loves skinny, someone is pretty lady of medium size, and someone loves plump women, sometimes very plump women. Remember the ideals of the previous epochs: lush volumetric ladies. And with what love did the artists draw them, did the writers describe, did the poets raise? With taste you can not argue.

Before making exhausting experiments and strength tests for your body, determine what type of figure you have. A female hypersthenic doesn’t achieve aspen waist aspen, no matter how much a hoop and press and swing. Whatever the type of addition was peculiar to you, watch out for the fit of the figure.

Over the years, the emphasis on appearance disappears. On the forefront are personal qualities. Datura love and hormonal storms are left behind.


Any candy can be spoiled with an ugly candy wrapper. Even the most gorgeous body must be presented skillfully, with taste. The pursuit of fashion trends deprives women of the ability to think intelligently and creatively. Ladies forget about moderation. Botex, silicone, tattoo - the whole beauty industry is working on the realization of the most immodest desires of clients. But sometimes the result is not at all happy: swollen lips - flatbread, inflatable chest-balls, black eyebrows - caterpillars. Where is the beauty hiding here?

Men of the creature are interesting: they do not know fashion trends, they are not interested in the novelties of the season, but a woman who is dressed with taste from a lady who is deprived of it is always different. To deceive a man’s gaze is impossible. Tricks in the form of mini-skirts, fishnet tights, leggings and tight jeans and blouses - do not work. These things have long become an attribute of ladies of easy virtue. And tall heels - monsters, with the height of stilts turned into a dangerous symbol: such a thing can be crippled. Or the most crippled.

Fashion is an industry in which salespeople feel most comfortable. Today it is fashionable that you need to sell profitably. Advertising is not a sign of quality, not the equivalent of taste. This is the fruit of designer fantasies. How many girls are equal to typical figures of catwalk models, people acting as mannequins? The model makes an outfit on the catwalk, it is just an attachment to it. In life, personality is important.

Female attractiveness

If a man doesn't see a woman behind clothes, what can attract him? Representatives of the stronger sex are looking for a relationship not a wardrobe to which the girl is attached, but a girl who skillfully emphasizes her eoy with the help of clothes and accessories.

Nonverbal signs

Many details of the female image do not linger in the male consciousness, but they reliably settle in the subconscious.


Women's voices work wonders. They hypnotize men, enchant. Favorites of men's sympathies are clear, soft, sonorous voices. They are followed by deep, rich sexual. Remember male weakness - phone sex. This is a living example of what a woman who owns her voice is capable of.


The smell of women men pay special attention. The first thing you need to remember: less is better than more. Strong odors of any origin repel. On the first place on attractiveness there are natural female aromas.

The smell of a clean female body is the strongest aphrodisiac for a man.


Attractive female gait easy, airy, flying attracts the eyes of the stronger sex. Some men like fast-moving ladies, others - smooth and leisurely, and still others prefer girls with a flying or light restless gait. The main thing is to get rid of angularity and heavy tread.


Fashionable in recent decades, the expression of a contemptuous beauty, promoted by the beauty industry, does not attract men. Representatives of the stronger sex avoid female masks.Live mimic is more credible. Special attention is given to smiles and glances. Remember the film “Memoirs of a Geisha”: the main character, having mastered the skill of a geisha, deprived men of their mind with one glance.


Body language is a subtle art. Conversation with the male subconscious with the help of poses and gestures is particularly intimate. When words are superfluous, the body will show desires, attitudes, aspirations. Tightness in communication indicates internal complexes and prejudices, insecurity.

Female attractiveness

Inner world

The more serious a man is, the more he is attracted to the personal qualities of a woman. The first thing that draws the attention of the representatives of the stronger sex - femininity. This elusive trait has become less and less common among beautiful ladies. In the struggle for equality, in imitation of men, femininity “melted”, and proud independence came to replace it.

Femininity is softness. Alluring weakness with a touch of defenselessness. It awakens in man the power, its hidden essence.

Do not confuse femininity with the manifestation of immaturity: irresponsibility, capriciousness, helplessness.When there is no man, the real woman withstands the trials of fate, endures difficulties and hardships. But next to a man, you can allow yourself to relax, open up, and allow a strong cavalier to solve some of the problems that are impossible for the female shoulders.

When the representative of the stronger sex offers help - do not refuse, accept, thank, praise. So do attractive women. Forget about the constant: “I myself!” In the life of a man, men value wise companions. How will your partner look like in the eyes of others when his woman, relying on her own principles of independence, carries heavy bags from the store or a huge suitcase from the station, and he will walk alongside? This is a blow to his vanity.

Female attractiveness

Men are attracted by female charm - the general force of gravity and special magnetism. He appears in confident women who know their worth. Freed from complexes and prejudices, the fair sex goes to a new level of understanding of men.

What to be afraid of the representatives of the stronger sex? Tears, tantrums, showdown. They fear the mysterious female logic and the offended silent.Start from: "We will talk in the evening". In order to permanently attract and hook a male representative, it is necessary to eradicate female pattern habits, which have become the basis for tales, anecdotes and third-rate serials. Understanding is the main quality of an attractive woman, and the ability to hear and listen is an equally important addition to it.

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