Felt earrings

It turns out that, contrary to many judgments, you can play not only valenki, but even jewelry! For example, felt earrings will be a great addition to any outfit. And in order to be convinced of this, they can be easily made by hand! For this we need: Felt of two colors Soap solution Felting needle Nylon ribbon Needle with thread Two earrings (earrings for earrings) Scissors
 Felt earrings-balls
Take some white felt and soak it in a soap solution. The amount of felt depends on the desired size of the balls, but be sure to keep in mind that when felting it will decrease by a factor of two.
 Felt earrings-balls
Then you need to carefully wrap the felt.
Earrings-balls from felt
We put a ball of felt between the palms and start to roll,how to roll out the clay plasticine. Earrings-balls from felt
Every time you need to squeeze your palms harder, until a neat ball is formed. Felt earrings Also extend the same again and get the second felt ball, leave them to dry.
Felt earrings
While beads are dried, let us decoration fastener. To do this, take a small piece of ribbon.
 Felt earrings-balls
Tie a bow out of it, just like tying shoelaces.
Earrings-balls from felt
With the springs, remove the spring and balls.
 Felt earrings-balls
Stringing bows on earrings, piercing with their sharp end of the hook. Felt earrings-balls Now we put the ball and the spring on the earrings. Felt earrings When the felt balls are dry, you can begin to decorate them. To do this, take a bit of felt of a different color and stretch it like a lace.
 Felt earrings with balls
Felting needle will fix one end of the" felt cord "in the ball, driving it deeper.
Felt earrings-balls
And we start to roll the felt, evenly piercing it with a needle along the entire length.
 Felt ball earrings
The other end of the" lace "is also firmly fastened by hammering it into the ball with a needle.

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