Features of the delivery of purchases from abroad

One of the significant components of buying abroad via the Internet is the choice of delivery method. Factors such as speed and cost of delivery, restrictions on duty-free customs entry, cargo security and liability in case of damage should be taken into account. The optimal combination of these factors will be the most rational way that you can choose from those available on a specific site. Usually foreignonline shoppingshoppers do not indulge in a wide choice of delivery methods, especially international. As a rule, indicate no more than two. Below we will look at the distinctive advantages and disadvantages of various ways, having studied which, you can easily decide on the choice of the most suitable one.

Conventionally, the delivery of parcels from abroad is divided into regular and express. The first group includes delivery using public postal services, the second - using private delivery services, the most famous of them are:FedEx, DHL, Meest, UPS, TNTand others. In some countries, public services also provide courier delivery services, for example, a companyEMS.The cost of the services of national postal services is lower, compared with the prices of private courier companies, but the largest European and American trading Internet sites prefer the latter, as more reliable and safe. One more indisputable advantage of private services is tracking - round-the-clock possibility of tracking a parcel via the Internet. Such a resource is extremely convenient for both the supplier and the customer.

For the period of waiting for delivery of your purchases can affect not only the distance between countries, it is also important what kind of transport the parcel is delivered: by air, by car or by sea. Most of the delivery services from abroad provide the buyer with a preferential right of choice, but it should be taken into account that this is also a pricing factor. Delivery by courier to the countries of Russia and the CIS goods from European stores for about a week, the usual from two to three. At the same time, private services are more expensive in 1,5-2 times. Delivery times from the USA for the usual way -4-5 weeks, by courier - 2-3 weeks. It is necessary to ensure that the period of delivery does not coincide with long weekends and holidays, this may provoke an increase in the waiting period of 1-3 weeks.

It is worth noting that there are cases of loss or damage to the cargo during the transfer. Of course, in private companies, which are distinguished by better service, these are rare situations, but for the work of public postal services such cases, unfortunately, are not uncommon. In order to completely deprive your purchase of financial risks, you must use cargo insurance. At the same time, courier companies are already laying a certain part of the amount of insurance into the cost of their services; if you wish, you can increase the amount of insurance compensation. Using the services of regular delivery, cargo insurance must be paid separately.

There are also online stores that do not deliver to Russia and the CIS countries. And, if you have chosen suitable products for price and quality, but did not find your country in the list of the delivery section, you should not despair. You should simply find an intermediary on the Internet who can take your package and send it to your address.In order to avoid cooperation with scammers, seek advice from experienced shoppers, who are grouped in special communities, to inform each other and assist newcomers. One of the largest such resources is http://shoptema.ru. Here you can learn a lot of useful tips on how best to organize a purchase from a foreign site and where to find a reliable intermediary for sites that do not distribute goods to the CIS countries.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the higher price of private courier services is justified by their excellent quality, comfortable service and high degree of reliability. However, you will have to make a decision, focusing on the value of your purchases, your own capabilities and the time needed to receive the goods.

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