Features interesting Australian cuisine

If you are a real gourmet, you probably already had time to try many different dishes. And yet, in any case, you will be surprised by the interesting Australian cuisine. And some dishes can be cooked at home.

How did it appear?

Traditions of Australian cuisine originated thanks to the British, who were the first settlers. But a new wave of immigrants introduced new culinary specialties for Asian cuisine, as well as Mediterranean.

Globalization and the current rhythm of life make Australian cuisine more diverse and international. And today it is a real mixture of ancient recipes and modern, so that everyone can get a gastronomic pleasure.

What products are used for cooking?

For cooking in Australia, the following traditional products are used:

  • Meat. Yes, Australians are very fond of meat, and as usual for us pork, beef and mutton, and more exotic species.So, kenguryatin is very much appreciated here, because there is very little fat in it, but there are easily digestible proteins and iron. Ostrich meat is also eaten with pleasure, although it is quite sinewy and tough. Surprisingly, in this country even crocodiles and possums are eaten. Include in the diet and beloved by many chicken.
  • Vegetables. In Australia, not only potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants and tomatoes, which are known to everyone, are grown, but also more interesting species that many of us have never seen, much less tried.
  • Dairy products are also available in Australia, so they are also actively used. But cheeses, surprisingly, are not very popular here. The most popular and widespread variety is Cheddar.
  • Fruits: as usual for us (apples, bananas, pears), and exotic, such as papaya or quandong. They are used to prepare a variety of desserts and many other dishes. Fruits, in general, occupy a special place in the diet of every Australian. This is probably why the indigenous people of this state rarely get sick and are very slim and attractive.
  • Seafood. Australia is washed by oceans or seas practically from all sides, so that the inhabitants of the depths are often on the tables.Lobsters, mussels, lobsters, oysters, scallops, octopuses, shrimps and other seafood are consumed.
  • A fish. She is also included in the diet of every Australian, and in ordinary stores there are both common and exotic species, for example, a shark (yes, its meat is consumed very actively) and barracuda.
  • Australians enjoy eating cereals.
  • The diet includes pasta.
  • Beans are often used, which can be used to prepare side dishes and soups.
  • In Australia, they love mushrooms, and those that many of us have not even heard of.
  • The diet includes almost all types of nuts.

How to cook?

When cooking in Australia, almost all methods of heat treatment are used: cooking, stewing, frying, baking. But especially Australians love to cook on fire, so everyone has a barbecue facility that many people use almost daily. And in this way not only meat is cooked, but also vegetables and even fruits.

Something very unusual and exotic to try in Australia will not work, but if you list the features of the national cuisine of this country, you can note the active use of fruits in cooking a variety of dishes and their combination with vegetables and meat.For example, Australian bananas can make an interesting and tasty side dish, and pineapples are often used to add a savory flavor to meat.

Many hot dishes with spices and sauces are prepared and served, but there are not very sharp and burning among them. And spices are usually made from plants that grow on the mainland, which gives the dishes a special "native" Australian flavor.

What drinks are popular?

Australia is famous for its wines, which are prepared and drunk with pleasure for a long time. Also in this country they use tea and coffee (most often for breakfast), as well as beer. And still here they cook quite tasty and high-quality beer and prepare useful juices.

Aboriginal cuisine

We should also write about the cuisine of the Australian aborigines, since it is not considered national, but it still exists. These people eat almost everything that grows, swims, runs and crawls. These are the most diverse wild fruits and vegetables, and beetles, and larvae, and water lilies, and dugong sea cows (by the way, hunting them in Australia is prohibited and punishable by law), stingrays, and turtle eggs, and lizards, and mushrooms , and much more.

Some restaurants serve such unusual and even frightening.dishes, but even for ordinary educated Australians, they are exotic and unusual.

What is cooked in Australia?

If you list interesting recipes of Australian cuisine, you can note the following:

  1. Elven or fabulous bread. It is prepared very simply. The most usual white bread is cut into slices (usually of a triangular shape), smeared with butter and topped with colored confectionery chips.
  2. Chicken Melbourne is a ham and chicken breasts, which are fried in olive oil and served with a pink sauce. For cooking, you need about 300 grams of chicken breast and chops, 100 ml of dry white wine, half a glass of tomato juice, about 30-40 ml of olive oil, pepper and salt to taste. First, cut the meat into small pieces and fry until golden brown in olive oil. Next, in the pan you need to pour the wine and put out the chicken for about 10-15 minutes. Now you need to add tomato juice, salt and pepper and put out all together for about 15 minutes.
  3. Mashed potatoes. Yes, in Australia they love this dish very familiar to us.
  4. Wedimayt is a kind of thick paste made from yeast extract and having a sourish-salty taste with barely perceptible bitterness. It is usually spread on bread when making sandwiches.
  5. All sorts of soups are very popular, and crab is an honorable place among them.
  6. Anzac cookies made from oatmeal and coconut chips. For its preparation, prepare 100 grams of oatmeal, 100 grams of flour, 100 grams of coconut chips, about 50-70 grams of butter, 100 grams of brown sugar, two tablespoons of water, one tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of soda. First you need to mix all the dry ingredients: flour, sugar, oatmeal, coconut shavings and soda. Next, heat the oil over a slow fire, dissolve the water and honey in it. Now add the dry mixture. Stir until a thick, dense dough. Form the balls and bake them at 160 degrees for about 20 minutes on parchment (it is desirable to soak it with oil).
  7. Pavlova is a cake made from meringue with the addition of fresh fruit.
  8. Lamington is a gentle biscuit cake, which is poured with chocolate glaze, and sprinkled with coconut shavings.

Be sure to cook interesting dishes, because they are very tasty!

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