Fashionable backpacks for adult girls

Genuine Leather Backpack

Rumor has it that the fashion for mini-backpacks started the brand Louis Vuitton, only their tiny accessories cost quite a lot of money. At the American brand Madewell, we found an alternative in the same mini-format and genuine leather with a touch of hot caramel.

Backpack Madewell

Madewell Backpack (€ 202)

Sports backpack

Initially, in this compilation we were going to do without a sports backpack model, but this could not be missed because of the most delicate and completely unsportsmanlike, and rather confectionery mint shade.

Backpack Deux Lux x Shopbop

Backpack Deux Lux x Shopbop ($ 50)

Velvet Backpack

You want to hug this cute backpack like a soft toy and carry it not behind your back, but in your hands like a teddy bear. By the way, for conservatives there is a version not in neon colors, but in black.

Backpack Bershka

Backpack Bershka (1 799 rub.)

Bag and backpack in one bottle

It is impossible to decide what you need more - a mini handbag or a small size backpack? At Free People, these two things are connected into one, or rather three: this accessory exists in several metallic shades.

Backpack Free People

Backpack Free People ($ 48)

Flannel Backpack

Minimalism in its utilitarian performance: in this backpack everything is perfect, starting from the architectural form, mixing the two textures - black leatherette and gray textured flannel - and ending with an affordable price.

Backpack mango

Backpack Mango (1 999 rub.)

Suede and leather backpack

Still, in this collection there should be at least one backpack that clearly resembles a school satchel. A copy of Asos that we found will surely fit a lot of books or a laptop and a cosmetic bag.

Asos Backpack

Backpack Asos (3 252 rubles.)

Riveted Backpack

Becoming wildly fashionable accessories, backpacks seem to have ceased to be like themselves: for example, this accessory Zara from the backpack only handles, and the form and decor - from the evening clutch.

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