Experts find out if you can actually flush the toilet sleeve

And how to choose a paper that does not harm the skin.

- So washed off or not? - Experts asked Roskoschestvo, apparently after watching advertising about washable sleeves of toilet paper. And at the same time they decided to check the quality of much-needed products.

One of the objectives of the study is to debunk or confirm a popular myth: paper from newspapers and waste paper, which has found its second use in the toilet, is treated with chemicals (zinc, chlorine), and therefore can cause serious diseases.

In addition, the experts decided to find out whether the dyes and flavors that are added to the paper are harmful to health. For holding a paper that smells of roses in our hands, we, of course, want to, but then suffer because of this - no. The researchers are also concerned with another question: is it true that white paper is specially bleached with chlorine?

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As they say: you know less, sleep better. We did not know about the harmful paper, and here on you. Now you have to wait for the results of the study: you do not want your dear part of the body in contact with anything.

“Experts will check 30 toilet paper brands from across the country, as well as brands from Germany and Italy,” the press service of Roskachestvo told. - Assess the paper for softness, strength and absorption, check the number of layers and perforations, the presence of impregnation, external defects (homogeneous surface, no stains, damage), the content of dyes and flavors, as well as acetone, methyl and butyl alcohol, zinc, arsenic and others chemical elements.

How exactly will check the paper for dyes and chemicals, we generally represent. But about the softness - the question. We are afraid, here the results can be subjective. Yet to each his own.

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And, of course, the sleeve. Where without it! And what if it does not wash off at all, as the manufacturers promise.

Another question: is there a big difference between beautiful paper made from cellulose and unsightly looking paper made from recycled materials?

- Indicators of strength, softness and absorbency can be at a high level of both recycled paper and cellulose paper, say in Roskachestvo.“But consumers see an aesthetic problem — pulp paper is different in whiteness.” However, getting rid of the "grayness" of recycled paper is solved by a safe level of bleach.

In addition, using recycled paper, you make a modest contribution to caring for the environment. So to say, we care about nature, without leaving the toilet.

“It costs less, and wood processing is not required for its production,” says Maria Sapuntsova, deputy head of Roskachestvo.

How to choose high-quality toilet paper

While we are waiting for the results of the research, the experts gave their recommendations:

1. Pay attention to the labeling - on the package there should be indicated the technical documentation on which the paper was made, in particular, GOST or TU, the footage (average 54 meters), the number of layers, and the type of raw material.

2. If you are confused by the presence of flavors and dyes that are used in the production of colored paper, you should give preference to white or gray paper. The actual amount of artificial additives will show the study.

3. Laminated paper is made from natural pulp or from mixed raw materials and is the most expensive.Single layer is made from recycled materials, and, as a rule, it is the cheapest. At the same time, the number of layers does not guarantee high quality - if the embossing of the paper is poor, then it will stratify.

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