Evening primrose oil is a rare but useful product

Nature has always given people the opportunity to enjoy all its benefits. No exception are medicinal plants, which our ancestors used to treat various diseases and to care for themselves. One of these little-known, but very useful tools is evening primrose oil.

Secrets of nature

On the territory of Russia, this plant is called the donkey because of the characteristic type of leaves, and its scientific name is enotera. Its oil is obtained from seeds and used as a remedy in traditional medicine, as well as cosmetology.

First of all, it is a rich source of vitamin E and unsaturated polyacids, which have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system, especially women, and help get rid of many gynecological problems. In addition, regular use of oil strengthens the hair, nails and improves skin condition.

Using capsules with donkey, you provide the necessary daily dose of vitamin E, which is necessary for the body, because it is a powerful antioxidant, and also supports immunity.

But the useful properties of evening primrose are not limited to this, because it also helps:

  1. To enrich cells with oxygen, to activate their regeneration, thereby slowing down the process of physical aging.
  2. Thinning blood, preventing the formation of blood clots;
  3. Strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce cholesterol and sugar, normalize blood pressure.
  4. In combination with other drugs helps cure atherosclerosis.
  5. For women, it is useful in that it facilitates the manifestations of PMS, the climacteric period, helps to normalize the menstrual cycle. In addition, evening primrose oil is used in the process of infertility treatment. It contributes to the development of mucus in the cervix, increasing the chances of fertilization.
  6. For those who want to lose weight, eating a donkey helps to regulate metabolic processes and quickly break down the fats obtained with food.
  7. Anti-inflammatory properties relieve pain in diseases of the joints and reduce the discomfort with dermatological problems, accompanied by itching and inflammation.
  8. The use of evening primrose also contributes to the development of prostaglandin, which is responsible for the normal functioning of the immune system, the control of inflammatory processes, blood clotting and the production of hormones.

But before the use of evening primrose should consult a doctor. It is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance, children under 12 years of age and pregnant women.

Due to its rich composition, the products from the autumnal can be an excellent supplement for women, helping to stay young, attractive and healthy.

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