Ethnomir: description, history, excursions, exact address

ETNOMIR is the largest cultural and educational center in Russia, which is located at the address: Kaluga Region, Borovsky District, Petrovo Village.

It will be interesting for both adults and children.

The huge territory of the park-museum is a great place where you can have a wonderful rest, learn a lot of new things and visit almost all countries of the world without leaving the territory of Russia!

Be sure to purchase a card, otherwise get lost in the territory. This scheme will help to go to the point of the world that you want to visit!

ETNOMIR history

The construction of ETNOMIR began in 2006. Until now, the territory continues to evolve and settle down.

Completion of all repair work is planned for 2020. By that time ETNOMIR should become a real creative city and a repository of values ​​and peculiarities of practically all nations of the world!

The territory of the park is over 140 hectares.One day is definitely not enough to visit all the objects of the museum, and this is ethnodvory, and museums, and homes, and fun workshops, festivals, holidays, incendiary games and much more.

It is also planned that ETNOMIR will be represented not only in Russia, but also in the United States, as well as in many European countries.

The main strategic tasks that this project is implementing are, of course, introducing visitors to the culture, customs and way of life of the peoples of not only Russia, but also other countries of the world. It is also undoubtedly the cultivation of ethnic tolerance and the strengthening of friendship between nations!

In modern society, this should be given great attention to avoid national conflicts.

The official website contains all the necessary information:

  • How to get to the ethnographic museum.
  • Ticket prices and promotions upon purchase.

For students and schoolchildren always discounts, they also provide persons belonging to preferential categories (people with disabilities, retirees, and so on).

  • Tours to the park

Starting from one day to weekly gastronomic!

  • calendar of events

This is the schedule of the nearest festivals, their dates, various holidays and events.

The site has the opportunity to visit a virtual tour, knowing what awaits you.

The work time of ETNOMIR is 365 days a year! No weekends or holidays. Doors are always open to visitors.

Also in the park there are always festivals, you can learn about them in advance on the site.

Of great importance are the tours conducted in the territory of the ethnographic museum.

Thanks to them, you will plunge into the unknown world, appreciate all the beauty and greatness of our world, be spiritually enriched!

You will be able to choose your favorite tour.

This may be a sightseeing tour of ETNOMIR, which will allow you to look at the entire infrastructure, ethnic villages, museums and much more that is located on the territory.

You may be interested in a tour of one of the museums located in the park.

Or you can choose a tour where you can learn about the traditions, customs and songs of a certain people.

In ETNOMIR you will have a great time! Do not be bored.

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