Fir essential oil: application and useful properties

Fir - a coniferous plant, from twigs, cones and needles of which the medicinal oil is extracted. On the New Year, put instead of the standard fir-fir, it will not only preserve its presentable appearance for longer, but also heal the body with aroma. Oil has found application in aromatherapy, cosmetology, medicine.

Fir oil, like others, is produced by steam distillation. Older trees have more ether, so they are used more often than others.

This tool is stored for a long time - up to 10 years subject to storage requirements. But the silver fir oil loses its properties after 2 years. However, it becomes not only useless, but sometimes toxic, dangerous to human health.


Fir oil is used in cosmetology, treatment and in solving some domestic issues. Its properties are extensive:

  • It has a beneficial effect on the function of breathing, protects against inflammation, acute respiratory infections, influenza, especially in times of increased danger of getting colds. It is used for the prevention and treatment.
  • It is useful for people with hypertension and hypotension, as it regulates pressure. It is used to stabilize blood sugar levels, so diabetics and people prone to this disease are recommended to take regular preventive measures with fir oil.
  • Heals wounds. But it can not be applied undiluted on these places, it is recommended to combine with the badger, pig or goose fat. The mixture is applied to cracks, cuts, eczema and other minor lesions on the skin.

    For serious injuries, fir oil is no longer suitable.

  • Used to treat periodontal disease, periodontitis, relieves toothache. With oil fir, rinses are done, which relieve in time from such serious diseases as periodontitis and periodontitis. If there was a toothache, then the cotton swab is moistened in oil and applied to the gum under the diseased tooth. Coniferous oils are often added to toothpastes, mouthwashes, as they have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, positively affecting the microenvironment in the mouth.
  • Removes stress. The best solution would be taking baths with fir oil, going to the sauna or aromatherapy at home using an aroma lamp.In the sauna, it is recommended to put a container with diluted fir oil, after a while it will start to emanate couples that will relax, relieve the accumulated negative emotions, stresses and feelings. Sleep and good mood will be restored.
  • Has a beneficial effect on the skin in purulent diseases, furunculosis. Removes puffiness, tightens the aging skin, reduces the amount and depth of wrinkles.
  • Protects against insects and cleans the air. To protect against insects, you can use spray irrigation with fir oil, simply sprinkling this water periodically around you and indoors. If you put a piece of cotton wool or cloth dipped in fir oil, the air around you will be cleared of parasites, fungi, for example, mold, allergenic components, infections that are transmitted through the air.

Fir essential oil: application and useful properties

All of the above properties are due to the rich composition of fir oil.

Application in cosmetology

Women love to take care of their bodies, to maintain the beauty of their skin for many years, so as not to age and not to become covered with hateful wrinkles. Some attend cosmetic procedures, which cost a lot of money.Someone is engaged in a home and uses expensive cosmetics. But nature has long prepared for us all the most valuable, so not to take advantage of her gifts is simply a sin. One such gift is fir oil, which has long been used in the treatment of some cosmetic problems.

This tool has a wound healing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory action. That is why it is widely used in the treatment of skin diseases such as: eczema, wounds and fissures, dermatitis, psoriasis. Relieves acne, purulent rashes, furunculosis.

For oily skin, fir oil is also effective. It removes the increased production of sebum, cleanses the pores, the skin condition is normalized. Women over 30 use wrinkle treatment to get rid of them and as a prophylactic.

The oil is not recommended to be used in its pure form, it necessarily dissolves in another vegetable oil or fat, and after that it is applied to the skin.

An exception may be only a dot application to the inflamed areas, for example, acne.

Fir oil is enriched with cosmetics: creams, shampoos, make rinses using this tool.To do this, take a single dose of any cream and drip 3-5 drops of oil into it and apply it on the face, as they usually do every day.

To maintain the skin of the whole body in good shape and good condition, massages are performed. To do this, in the tool for massage, oil or cream add 5-7 fir oil and spend rubbing for 40-60 minutes. Such procedures are recommended to be carried out every other day from a course of 10-12 times.

Fir oil is combined with other oils both in aroma and in their beneficial properties. It can be lavender oil, rosewood oil, rosemary ether, juniper oil.

Application in medicine

This tool is used not only to maintain the beauty of the body and face, but also in traditional medicine. It is used less frequently than juniper oil or other oils of coniferous trees. It is sold in pharmacies and has a fairly high cost. But despite this, fir oil is known in narrow circles and is most often used to treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract, skin diseases, to restore damaged hair, to get rid of some types of pain.

The main feature of fir oil is its disinfecting properties.

It kills pathogenic bacteria from the environment, cleans the air and eliminates airborne infections.

Fir oil will relieve from the following respiratory diseases:

  • Runny nose, sinusitis, sinusitis.
  • Bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis.
  • Influenza, acute respiratory infections, SARS.
  • Cough.

To get rid of these ailments do rubbing with fir oil in combination with other base oils, inhalation, instillation, rinsing.

Treatment of skin diseases:

  • Burns, non-serious injuries of the upper layer of the epidermis. For the treatment of serious and deep wounds is not suitable.

Fir essential oil: application and useful properties

  • Herpetic eruptions on the surface of the skin. To do this, moisten cotton wool in oil and apply to the sore spot several times a day.
  • Fungal diseases of the legs. To do this, gauze fabric is moistened in fir oil and make lotions for 5 minutes for 5 days until complete healing.
  • For the treatment of bedsores, diaper rash, fir oil is applied to the affected areas in its pure form.

Treatment of pain and cramps:

  • When toothache, stomatitis, periodontal disease and periodontitis make lotions with a cotton swab moistened in fir oil and rinses.
  • When inflammation of the joints take a warm bath, rubbed the affected place with alcohol, and then fir oil. It relieves inflammation and pain.
  • With pain during an attack, angina lubricates the heart area with fir oil. The pain recedes in a short period of time, the patient feels relief.
  • When insomnia take a warm bath with 5 drops of oil.
  • For the treatment of inflammations in the vagina, make sessile trays of 3 liters of water with 2 drops of fir oil for 15 minutes. Water temperature - 40 degrees. Course - 2 weeks.

Household use

Essential oils are used in everyday life. It can be not only deodorization of the room, but also cleaning from infections, fungi, corrosive odors, insects.

Fir essential oil: application and useful properties

There are several ways to apply fir oil in domestic matters:

  1. The apartment is cleaned at least once a week. Before you vacuum the house, you should moisten a piece of fleece in oil and suck in a vacuum cleaner. At the same time aroma will be allocated from the technical device during all cleaning. This will remove the unpleasant smell from tobacco, refresh the room, and the regular application of such aromatization of the apartment will relieve the mold on the walls. For this, any aroma oils are suitable, for example, lavender oil, mint ether, lemon balm, etc.
  2. Fir oil is also used as an air freshener.Instead of buying expensive chemicals, which include a lot of things that are not very useful for the human body, make a natural spray that will take care of the pleasant aroma of the house and health. To do this, add a few drops of fir oil and water to the spray bottle and spray periodically throughout the apartment. During repair, it is recommended to add a couple of drops of oil to the paint or wallpaper paste, especially if there is a fungus in the room.
  3. Thanks to antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, spraying with oil can be used in the room where the sick person lies. This will reduce the amount of bacteria in the air and speed up recovery.

Before adding oil to water, it is dissolved in ethyl alcohol, 2-3 teaspoons of alcohol are taken for 5-7 drops of oil.

After that, this amount of oil-alcohol mixture is poured onto the floor of a liter of water.


One of the contraindications in the use of fir oil is the children's age up to 12 years and an adult - older than 55 years.

Use with caution to people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, pregnant, lactating women, people with liver and kidney diseases. Before use, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor.

We must not forget that fir oil should be used in a diluted form and only in exceptional cases topically applied in a clean.

Fir oil is a useful remedy for many ailments.

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