Energy at zero, or Where to take power when you do not want to do anything

Surely (unfortunately) many people are familiar with the state: each new day is similar to the previous one, there is no pleasure to wake up, it is so boring and depressing at work that you want to drink coffee and sit on social networks without end. For lunch you can eat chocolate, for dinner - a piece of cake right in the bed. In a relationship, everything is tense and uneasy: you humiliate yourself, you frustrate. In general, you spend energy on everything that you are forced to do, but you are not enjoying anything. This sad phenomenon can be called a depression or energy pit, when you are squeezed like a lemon, but in fact are not heavily loaded.

Almost anyone can fall into the trap of such an unenviable state, regardless of age or social status. This can happen, for example, after childbirth and decree, or after a divorce, during a crisis of middle age or some vital event, or perhaps for no apparent reason at all. Definitely it does not happen in one day.And it is very important to halt the process of decline in time, because it is painfully difficult to assemble oneself in parts and to recover.

Energy at zero, or Where to take power when you do not want to do anything

Without work with a therapist, of course, can not do. But something very important is in your hands. The first thing that needs to be done is to track the condition. Look at yourself from the outside, objectively and really. What happened to you before and what happened? Do you like the way you live? And if you do not live, but survive, the more quickly take action.

The golden rule is one thing: less reflection, more work. Delete thoughts of parents from the list of constant experiences and search for guilty ones. Do not shift to them the responsibility for your not so well-established life. They have nothing to do with it. From now on, without waiting for Monday, answer for yourself, and thank them for everything and wake up respect for them.

The second thing you literally have to do is to stop “enjoying” bad habits. By the age of thirty you can already understand that they will not make you more beautiful and happier, and the time of unrestrained spontaneous merriment is long behind, no matter how much you want to extend your youth.And again, without waiting for Monday, strike out of the list of entertainment and pleasures (they do not even entertain, right?) Trips to wine bars, cigarettes, fat cakes, lying on the couch. Instead, rent a bike and taxi. On the second or third time, you can feel the energy that fills the body and gives you strength for free. Imagine that you control your life in the same way, consciously knowing where to turn and where you want to slow down. Relieve stress in a new way, and after a week you will see real results - the desire to move, stay awake and dream again.

Work on yourself (and this, of course, not only riding a bicycle) will gradually fill you with energy, and useful things will bring you pleasure. Just imagine: you are once again happy to watch your apartment, cook your own food, go to bed with anticipation of tomorrow. All these goals are feasible, but they absolutely require investments. They will be not wasted evenings, not bearing any fruits, and care about yourself, starting with the most basic things. Nutrition and sleep, exercise and walks, useful new habits.Only in this way the frozen energy can circulate in you itself. Do not avoid work, because realization is our main friend and helper in feeling like a full-fledged person. It is also important to say that no universe, neither an astrologer, nor the Lord God is responsible for your circulation - it only comes from personal investment in yourself.

Energy at zero, or Where to take power when you do not want to do anything

The pit itself happens when you stop investing, and lie and wait for happy accidents, and indeed happiness in general, from the outside world. From marriage, the birth of children, friends, parents, trips to places of power. But a spontaneous flow during a certain period of life may stop carrying you where you want, which is why it is so important to focus not on flow, but on yourself.

Always learn something new, always have hobbies and interests, always be motivated by work and family, always take care of your every sphere of life - the only way you will never slip anywhere, turn into your own shadow. Only by focusing on ourselves can we learn what self-esteem is and the infinite resource of our own energy, the most powerful, beautiful and responsive.

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