Endocrine system of dogs

Endocrine system of dogsThe endocrine system of dogs largely determines the changes and characteristics of the types of behavior of dogs and thereby forms their phenotypic manifestation through hormones.


Endocrine system of dogs. Hormones - biologically active substances secreted by the endocrine glands, affect behavior by directly affecting the neurons of the central nervous system. The function of the endocrine glands is controlled by the nervous system and is interconnected with it. Beech, Kuen proved that the behavioral differentiation (“personality” and behavior of the dog) is formed not only under the influence of the brain, nerves and stimuli, but also under the chemical influence of hormones. Hormones, turning on or off the genes of neurons, at the same time, are themselves under genetic control. In parts of the dog's body, there are glands of internal secretion that produce hormones and throw them into the blood. The flow of blood delivers them to the cells of the organs. Each body is able to reproduce a specific behavioral act.Many studies have shown that the interaction of various hormones plays a significant role in the course of behavioral reactions, mainly unconditionally reflex. This can not but affect the conditioned-reflex activity. Therefore, it is very important that the hormone balance is maintained in the dog's body.


Even a small hormonal imbalance immediately affects the general condition and behavior of the dog.

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