"Emmy" -2016: for which of the winners we are particularly pleased

In Los Angeles, this night they presented the Emmy Award - the television Oscar, the main serial award of the year. The list of main winners partly causes pleasant deja vu, and partly satisfies the sense of justice.

The two main awards: the best drama series and the best comedy series - took exactly the same projects of the HBO channel as last year: “Game of Thrones” and “Vice-President”.

"The best drama series" - "The Game of Thrones" 

"The best comedy series" - "Vice-President"

The series "The Game of Thrones", claiming 23 nominations, won in 12, and it became the absolute victory of the HBO channel. The main serial theme of our time is not politics, not spy affairs, not conspiracy theories or the adventures of a nimble lawyer, but a fantastic tale with dragons, giants, witches and white walkers. "Game of Thrones" recalls the old dark fairy tales in the Hoffmann style, not yet processed for younger children.The intrigue "Who will be at the head of the Seven Kingdoms?", With which the series began, is no longer as important as the human movements of the soul. And not only battle scenes like the epochal Battle of the Bastards are impressive, but also changing characters. Northern Princess Sansa matures and makes the most logical, but also the most cruel revenge on those who killed her brother and raped her. Victim boy-king realizes that he can never take the side of the world, and decides to go where there are no parties at all. In general, it is now more interesting than sex and blood to those strange things that occur inside the heroes.

"Emmy" -2016: for which of the winners we are particularly pleased

"The best male role in the drama series" - Rami Malek, "Mr. Robot"

"The best female role in the drama series" - Tatiana Maslani, "Dark Child"

Young and beautiful, gloomy and insane. These are the heroes of TV projects, the winners in the two main acting nominations.

Rami Malek was the perfect choice for the role of a hacker with a handful of phobias and a haunting fatherly phantom. The actor, whom many had previously known only from the role of the Egyptian pharaoh from “Night at the Museum”, found the acting forces in a drama played at the limit of possibilities.

For three years, Tatiana Maslani has been playing several characters (clones) in the TV series “Dark Child” and has never lost her rhythm.

"Emmy" -2016: for which of the winners we are particularly pleased

"The best mini-series" - "American crime history"

"Best TV Movie" - "Sherlock: The Ugly Bride"

“Best Actress in a Comedy Series” –Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Vice President”

“Best Male Role in a Miniseries or TV Movie” - Courtney B. Vance, “American Crime History”

“Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie” - Sarah Paulson, “American Crime History”

The series “American crime history”, judging by the number of nominations, has become the most important new project of the past season. Showrner Ryan Murphy, who created American Horror History, decided to remove another anthology, not horror, but crime. And he began with the not yet forgotten story of the 90s about the scandalous case of the football player O.J. Simpson, who was accused of murdering his wife and her friend. “American crime history” pulled out well-known characters in the high-profile case and breathed life into them, especially in this case Sarah Paulson, who made prosecutor Marcia Clark truly alive.

"Emmy" -2016: for which of the winners we are particularly pleased

"Best Supporting Actor in the Drama Series" - Ben Mendelssohn, "Pedigree"

"The best male role in the comedy series" - Jeffrey Tambor, "Obvious"

“Best male supporting role in the comedy series” - Louis Anderson, “Baskets”

This season, noted immediately two male actors who played the role of women. Jeffrey Tambor in The Obvious plays a transsexual, and Louis Anderson plays Baskets the mom of the main character. Here we would start to make jokes about the boldly underlined tolerance, if it were not for the fact that both Tambor and Anderson played brilliantly.

"Emmy" -2016: for which of the winners we are particularly pleased

“Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series” - Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey

This year it was impossible to predict who will win the nomination for the best female role of the second plan. Among the nominees were three actresses from "Game of Thrones" (Emilia Clarke, Macy Williams and Lena Headee), Mora Tierney, already noted several times in the game in "Lovers", Constance Zimmer as the witty bitch from the excellent comedy "Unreal" and Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey. The Emmy gave the beautiful Maggie Smith. And for the role, and for talent, and as a small farewell souvenir, because the series "Downton Abbey" ended ...

"Emmy" -2016: for which of the winners we are particularly pleased

"The best female supporting role in the comedy series" - Kate McKinnon, "Saturday Night Live"
"Best male supporting role in a mini-series or a television movie" - Sterling K.

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