Emilia Clark said goodbye to the series "Game of Thrones"

As we remember, just a month ago, Emilia Clark - the inimitable Deineris Targaryen - spoke enthusiastically in an interview about what she would do after the end of filming in the Game of Thrones saga. Well, for Emilia this day has come! And something we do not see a special joy on the face of the actress, who published in the Instagram a heart-wrenching post for fans of the series and colleagues.

"I jumped on a boat and sailed to the island (to Ireland, where the series is being filmed. -Note ed.) to say goodbye to the land, which was my home away from home for almost 10 years. It was a whole adventure! @gameofthrones, thank you for the life that I did not even dream of living, and for a family that I will always miss, "Clark wrote.

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