Egg shell painting

How to ensure that the picture had an interesting texture? You can put on the basis of textured plaster, but then the image must be covered with an additional layer of varnish. It is better to create a lightweight relief using egg shells. This natural material is easily fixed with ordinary PVA glue, it is well painted and looks original. Today you will learn to make a simple picture with an invoice base. For work you need to prepare: - sheet of dense cardboard (better from the packing box); - egg shell (dried) - tube with white glue; - a napkin with a bright pattern (three-ball); - scissors; - a frame made of wood.
is necessary prepare
First cut the cardboard to fit to fit the frame size. Spray the upper corner of the base with white glue and start to glue the eggshell pieces.
cut the cardboard
 Picture with eggshell
After ite for thoseso that the pieces lay down at short intervals and the basis of the picture was visible. Glue is better to apply not on the entire surface, but in parts, gradually sticking the shells.
 Egg shell picture
This is how the picture looks like , completely filled with pieces.
 A picture with an egg shell
Now take a napkin with an image, choose a picture to fit with the base.
 Painting with eggshell
Cut the desired part and separate the topmost (color) layer of the napkin. Spray the base of the picture with PVA glue on top of the shell, and paste the color fragment.
 Picture with an egg-shell
It remains only to attach the base to the frame. The picture is ready!
 K artina with eggshell
If you look closely, it has an original texture that looks very original. Even a child of primary school age can cope with such work.

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