Draws of famous people on April 1

April Fool's Day is a great opportunity to play a trick or play a friend, relative or colleague. Especially bright positive emotions are caused by drawings of famous people, companies or the media. Well, nothing human is alien to celebrities - well-known people are also not averse to laughing at a successful April Fool's joke.

The most famous raffles on April 1

In every joke - a piece of truth

The famous physicist Niels Bohr joked at his assistant - he said that physics as a science has no future, since all discoveries have already been made. But what you should do is develop chewing gum. The young man unconditionally believed the scientist and immediately resigned. As a result, a year later, the fortunate former assistant James Orbit founded his own company for the production of chewing gum.

"Fake" performance

The most massive rally in Russia on April 1 occurred in 1703. The “victims” of April Fool's joke were the residents of Moscow, who came at the invitation of the heralds to an “unheard of performance”.However, instead of an entertaining spectacle, people saw the inscription behind the opening curtain: "The first April - do not trust anyone!"

Voice greeting

Extremely popular draws of famous people on the phone. For example, the player picks up the phone and hears a greeting "from Moiseyev" or a job offer from Gazprom. Such a voice message can be ordered for a small fee on the Internet. The effect of surprise is provided!

Historical raffles for April 1

Color picture

The highlight of this famous rally was nylon pantyhose, with which many gullible Swedes tried to "turn" a black and white image on television screens into a color picture. The fact is that on April 1, 1962, the Swedish national television reported that a new technology had appeared, allowing to watch programs in color - it is enough to pull tights on the screen. As a result, thousands of people conscientiously pulled on this TV this part of the ladies' toilet, which, of course, absolutely did not affect the color of the picture.

"Taco's Liberty Bell"

Famous restaurants on April 1 also hold large-scale draws.For example, the fast-food chain Taco in 1996 launched a rumor that it bought the Liberty Bell to reduce the country's national debt. So now the new name for the symbol of the American struggle for independence from Great Britain is “The Taco Liberty Bell”. When outraged Americans protested against such an action, they were reassured - it was the April 1 rally!

How to make a draw on April 1

The original gift for April 1 with your own hands will cheer up not only the recipient, but also the donor. For example, you can make a fun postcard with a 3D effect - a picture with a thematic image is pasted in the middle of a regular postcard (clown, funny laughing faces, inscriptions and poems). When opening a postcard, a volume effect is created.

What else there are draws for the first of April? By April 1, the newspaper will become an excellent gift and a draw at the same time. To do this, it is necessary to arrange a newspaper in an original way - to come up with a fun title, write interesting articles, jokes, jokes. Funny pictures and color applications will complete the overall picture.

How to make a draw on April 1? In the video, you can study in detail several ways of April Fools jokes that will make April Fool's Day unforgettable and your mood amazing.

And here are some interesting stories.

Have a nice April Fool's joke!

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