Down jacket or fur coat? The most fashionable outerwear coming winter

Weather forecasters predict that the winter will be cold. It seems it is time to disassemble your wardrobe and, if necessary, buy something very warm, especially since this season there really is a choice to choose from. Designers have finally come down to down jackets (long live non-ordinary models for every day!), And the natural fur in their collections is increasingly being replaced by artificial (but no less warm). Having set such a fashionable vector of the whole industry, they allowed us to finally look stylish even in the most severe frost.

Give democracy!

Down jacket - one of the main purchases of the season. It is really warm, comfortable, and it is ideal for Sunday walks in the park (not to play snowballs in a fur coat?). So what to look for?

If you are driving, it is better to choose a shortened model. In this case, feel free to rely on bright colors (for example, fuchsia or orange) or space models of metallic shades. The best are the three-dimensional options (they are warmer, as practice shows).But the lightweight shortened down jackets should be taken only if you like multi-layered images - such a model can be worn under a wool coat, which will allow you to mod in even minus weather.

Shein Down Jacket

Shein down jacket (3 093 rub.)

Down jacket Uniqlo

Uniqlo Down Jacket (4 999 rub.)

Zara down jacket

Zara Down Jacket (4 999 rub.)

If you travel by public transport or are used to spending a lot of time on the street, choose elongated models: the minimum knee-length, the maximum - by the calf. Hit - a blanket coat in which you can wrap yourself up from head to toe. Other favorites include models that resemble A-line dresses, cocoon coats, as well as fur down jackets (i.e., parks).

Mango down jacket

Mango down jacket (13 999 rub.)

Stradivarius down jacket

Down jacket Stradivarius (6 599 rub.)

Baon down jacket

Baon down jacket (9 999 rub. On discount)

The main thing is warm!

If a few seasons ago, sheepskin coats seemed something old-fashioned, but now the situation has changed dramatically. Fashionable and active should look at the "aviators" - short tanned jackets with a high collar, like the American pilots. Choose models of classic shades (milky white, red, brown, gray, black, beige) or fashionable this season (for example, pink or khaki).

Topshop Jacket

Topshop Jacket (£ 595)

Zara jacket

Zara jacket (9 999 rub.)

Sheepskin-like or double-breasted military coats are also trendy. Here the color scheme is welcome neutral - black, brown, beige, white. Usually such sheepskin coats are as concise as possible, from the decor there may be a fur rim, less often embroidery or appliqués.

Uterque sheepskin coat

Uterque sheepskin coat (99 990 rub.)

Sheepskin coat Marc Cain

Sheepskin coat Marc Cain (150 150 rub.)

Status - everything!

They managed to please everyone: conservatives, fashion-mongers, and animal advocates. Fur has become a real testing ground for fashion tests. It is painted, folded in the form of applications, with the help of a laser is applied a drawing - in a word, it is turned into an object of art. Those who are not ready for such bold decisions are offered classic models - the most concise fur coats of mink, fox, arctic fox, sable (restrictions only in your budget). The color scheme of such coats is classic, bright colors (scarlet, purple, turquoise, orange) are increasingly found in options that are clearly not for every day.

Fur coat Saks Potts

Fur coat Saks Potts (€ 975)

Fur coat Red Valentino

Fur coat Red Valentino (173 500 rub.)

Those who adhere to the ethical position, it is easy to find options from faux fur. Rely on the spectacular colors - emerald or wine-colored short fur coats among the main hits, as well as fantasy options, such as rainbow-colored or with a protective print.For frost, this option is not the most suitable, but for publication, for the sake of a photo on Instagram or at the beginning of winter (provided that a light down jacket was also put on under the bottom) is quite suitable.

Faux Fur Mango Fur Coat

Faux fur coat Mango (7 999 rub.)

Fur coat J. Crew faux fur

Fur coat J.

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