Do not throw away: 15 items that can be used twice

It turns out that not all "disposable" items should immediately be sent to the trash. There are much more useful ways to use them. figured it out.

1. Some plastic bags

Our mothers and grandmothers had to keep it (and even now, it may be stored) at home already become a legend package bag. Of course, in the era of scarcity, this was not surprising, but even now not every package should be immediately discarded. Small transparent cellophane bags in which you, for example, bought fresh vegetables or fruits, candy or cookies by weight, may well be used one more time.

But if the bag contained chilled meat, poultry or dairy products, they can become the breeding ground for germs. Such a really better send in a bucket. Big bags can be used for garbage.

Reusable items
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2. Aluminum foil

Of course, after baking a juicy piece of meat in a foil, it is unlikely to fit anything. But if you just wrapped a foil sandwich or you still have a small piece of unused material, do not rush to throw it away immediately. First, using a foil, you can easily and quickly sharpen scissors: just roll a piece several times and cut it. And with the help of foil, you can clean a baking sheet or frying pan no worse than a metal sponge. Just roll it into a ball and wipe the dishes.

3. Plastic Bottles

The fact that they can be used only once, heard, perhaps, everything. But not everyone abides by this rule. A plastic bottle can really give a second life, but not as a drinking container.

The fact is that most types of plastic when reused, especially if they contain sparkling water, can release toxic substances. Relatively safe packaging, on which there are certain markings: the number 5 and the inscription R. R. But since it is not cheap in production, the store drinks are not poured into it. It is safer to buy a reusable water bottle, which, by the way, also has an expiration date.

And from the usual packaging can be made, for example, a watering can for flowers or a glass to hold all sorts of small things. Well, if you have a cottage, then there is room for imagination. Some craftsmen build entire greenhouses from PET bottles.

4. Egg Cartons

It is not known who noticed it first, but egg cartons perfectly act as a stand for a laptop, preventing it from overheating. In addition, many people keep various small things in such boxes - for example, buttons.

5. Glass jars and bottles

Unlike plastic, they are easy to disinfect, and they do not emit any harmful substances. It is convenient to store spices in small jars, freeze sliced ​​greens or egg whites. Big ones can be used on your own. A glass bottle can replace a variety of kitchen appliances, from a rolling pin for dough to a kind of skewer, on which you can roast chicken in the oven.

Reusable items
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6. Paper towel liners

It would seem, why they may need? It turns out that there are lots of options. They store wires and cables so that they do not get confused. Someone is using sleeves for storing the notorious plastic bags: it’s convenient, it doesn’t take up much space, and it’s very easy to pull out one package.On the sleeves they wind the yarn, plant seedlings in them and even ... use them as a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. After all, the cardboard tip is easy to bend as needed, so that it fits even into a narrow space.

7. Clips for baking bags

A familiar situation: do you buy bags for baking, and after use there are still a few clips? Do not send them to the trash. They are very good to fasten the wires from any equipment so that they do not confuse with each other.

8. Food Containers

Unlike bottles, plastic buckets from under mayonnaise, melted cheese, pickles and other products are most often made from materials that allow you to use them several times. For example, after thorough washing you can store cereals in them. But still carefully check the markings on the packaging.

9. Cans for chips

Foil cardboard cans should not be thrown away immediately. They will come in handy for many things. For example, it is very convenient to store spaghetti in them (it fits just perfectly in length). Or pour dry food for animals from a huge package: it takes up little space and is convenient to pour into a bowl. And those who own the decoupage technique make incredible jars for storing coffee and leaf tea.

10. Ketchup Bottles

At least once after thorough washing, such a bottle may well replace a cooking syringe. It is convenient to pour pancake batter into the pan at least a portion, or even decorate a cake with cream.

Reusable items
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And five more things worth giving a second chance.

Styrofoamwhich is generously poured into packaging boxes of household appliances, can be used as drainage. Break it into small pieces and place it on the bottom of a flowerpot, and then fill it with earth.

Carton boxesalways useful in the house. By the way, this is the easiest life hack for quick cleaning. After all, each cleaning must begin with the arrangement of things in its place. To save time, you can take the box, throw all the unnecessary there, and then walk around the apartment with it, laying it all out on certain shelves.

Old disposable razorsIdeal to remove the pellets from their clothes. Slightly blunted blade will protect the thing from holes.

Old toothbrushesyou can clean anything from tarnished silver to shoes.

Aunnecessary newspaperscan be used in any situation when it is necessary to absorb odor or moisture.You can (and should) put an old press on the bottom of the bin, on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, or wrap the products you want to defrost.

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