In this master class I will show you how to make such an original gift set with your own hands “Grow Green” with step-by-step photos. Such a gift will suit any holiday and birthday, in quality and on New Year's Eve. Also, this gift set can use the leading holidays as a presentation-drawing.

Do-it-yourself gift set

DIY gift set "Grow Green"

To create this gift set you will need:

  1. game money bills "dollars" - about 25 pieces
  2. a package of seeds with herbs (dill, parsley, lettuce leaves);
  3. box with lid opening;
  4. seedling land - 200 grams;
  5. A glass where greenery will grow. The height of the cup should not exceed the height of the box.
  6. the pouch under the ground
  7. hot glue gun + rods;
  8. scissors;
  9. printed pictures: dollars of different size and shape and the inscription "Grow green";
  10. foil.

Take the box and glue the first banknote in the upper left corner. Hide the corners.

We paste the upper part of the box with money, preferably in a chaotic order.

We wrap the edges in the lid.

Now we take the printed material. It is desirable that there was an image of the dollar in the style of grass. Cut out the dollar and the inscription: "Gift set - Grow greens." The inscription is not cut in the back to letters.

We glue the dollar over the lid, right in the center.

How to make a gift set for a man

And the inscription is glued down (in the central part).

We paste the inside of the lid with cash notes as well.

Cut the next character.

Glue in the upper right corner of the inside of the lid.

The edges of the box lid can be pasted over with green satin ribbon.

Now take a bundle of seeds. Cut off a small piece of foil.

Gently wrap the seeds in foil.

From above we paste the dollar banknote.

We pack our kit. Earth poured into a tight beautiful bag. We put in the box, then the container under the seedlings and the bag with greens. By the way, the inner edges of the box can also be decorated with some kind of decor.

Our gift set is ready by our own hands!

The author of the master class Dranichnikov Elizaveta.

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