DIY wedding hall decoration (12 photos)

Wedding is a holiday that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. In order for the event to take place just fine, it is important to consider all the details. It is from the details that we can get a complete image of the perfect holiday. At the wedding, an important role is played not only by the bride and groom, but also by the whole holiday atmosphere.

Decorating the hall for a wedding with your own hands will give you a lot of pleasure. You can arrange everything as you want. In addition, it will further unite you with the bridegroom. We suggest you to get acquainted with different ideas of decorating the hall for a wedding celebration. We hope you find what you have been looking for.

It so happens that a lot of money is invested in a wedding celebration, but there is no decent result. This greatly spoils the mood of the newlyweds, because the main day in their lives did not turn out perfect. To avoid this, we advise you to control all the details in preparation for the wedding.

At the celebration, everything should look luxurious.And not only the bride and groom. Just imagine such a picture: the bride in a lace wedding dress, the future husband in a stylish suit, they are young, happy and beautiful. And then they go to the banquet in a normal dining room or restaurant. Agree, a feeling of solemnity immediately flew off somewhere.

A lot depends on the location of the holiday, because in it you need to spend 80% of the entire wedding time. In addition, guests are always more pleasant to be in a good room.

If you want to decorate the hall for a banquet, then stock up on materials, fantasy and good mood.

Ball decoration

Some particularly picky newlyweds no longer want to decorate the hall with inflated balls. This, of course, a matter of taste of each person. However, for a celebration with a small budget, the option of decorating a room with balloons fits perfectly.

Moreover, now you can buy balls of all colors and shapes. Great red hearts look great. With proper combination of several colors, the balls can significantly transform the room. For example, use red and white balls, or purple and white.

Just to make such hall decorations look stylish,it is necessary that the balls were: firstly, only two colors, secondly, they must be inflated to the same size, thirdly, they must be well fixed.

For an additional fee you can order a variety of figures from the balls. You can make flowers, pigeons and even the figures of the bride and groom.


This way of decorating a room can transform even the most ordinary Soviet building. The main attention should be paid to tables and chairs. For them and their guests will hold all the triumph, so they need to decorate. For tables, you need to use beautiful tablecloths.

Suppose you decide to arrange the hall in two colors: white and red. Then it is better to cover white lace tablecloths on the tables. And as a color accent, use red napkins. They should also be made of fabric, not paper.

Do not forget to decorate the backs of the chairs. To do this, they can cover with white tulle, then on the back of the chair, with a wide red ribbon to tie a bow.

With the help of a light white transparent fabric you can decorate the walls, this will create the effect of a medieval castle.

Flower decoration

Decorating a banquet hall with flowers is the most expensive decor option, but also the most festive, beautiful. Fresh flowers not only look beautiful, but also smell sweet to the whole room.

To make the room look stylish, it is advisable to choose some single flowers, such as chamomile. It is also better that they match in color with the overall color of the wedding.

It is necessary to order flowers a maximum one day before the celebration, otherwise you can see mountains of faded buds in the hall.

From flowers you can make a magnificent arch over the table of the young, you can also put bouquets on each table.

The hall can also be decorated with candles, but this is very dangerous. As a rule, not sober guests have a bad idea of ​​their head, and you don’t want to call firefighters at a wedding. Therefore, it is better to throw this idea out of your head.


Everything should be designed in the same style and in the same color scheme. Colors should be combined and not flashy. The wedding lasts many hours in a row and most likely none of the guests will be pleased all this time to look at the yellow tablecloth and pink napkins.

Decorate the hall should be one day before the celebration, not earlier.

Your guests in the hall should be comfortable, nothing should restrict their movement. The vase at the feet will irritate everyone, so consider the convenience factor.

To decorate the room, you can use your friends and relatives, so with this task you will cope faster.

Decorate the room with love, and even if you have disagreements in the process, forget about them. After all, soon the best day of your life will come.

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