Diet and exercise: how Megan Markle prepares for the wedding

When only a month is left until the most important celebration, it's time to think about the figure.

Until the most long-awaited wedding of this year remains only a month. It seems that Megan Markle has already decided on a wedding dress, it remains only to bring your body into perfect shape. Although she is already in it: Megan adheres to a vegetable diet, but sometimes she still gives herself relief. She is also constantly engaged in Pilates, but these are not all the secrets of the future Duchess.

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Megan Markle can afford to eat french fries, treat herself to ice cream or other delicious dessert, but for this she has a special system. The key to everything is plant-based natural and certainly low-calorie foods, but they must be rich in fiber. “I try to eat only vegan dishes throughout the week, and on weekends I allow myself to relax a bit. I think the point is in balance.I don’t want to feel deprived, so I eat dessert calmly once a week, ”Megan said in an interview she gave during the filming of Force Majeure.

In an interview with The New Potato, she said that the perfect menu for the day consists of "vanilla cocktail with frozen blueberries for breakfast, lunch - Nicoise salad, goat cheese and baguette, dinner - pasta and seafood."

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“My mother was a yoga instructor, so the practice is in my blood. I love the intense vinyasa class - it's better than any hip-hop, ”Markle said in an interview.

Before engagement with Prince Harry Markle, she often published her workouts on Instagram. She did Pilates, ran and, of course, practiced yoga. “Running has always been my way of meditation,” says the star for Women’s Health.

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