Diabetes Treatment

To determine how well you are treating diabetes, it is necessary to pass certain medical tests before starting treatment. Find out your fasting glucose, fasting and insulin after glycated hemoglobin. Then repeat the same laboratory tests after one and three months. Compare the figures. If the dynamics is positive, the treatment of diabetes will bear fruit. In the case of a negative option - it needs to be adjusted.

If we talk about severe forms of diabetes, then most often the doctor prescribes insulin injections. This may be “fast” or “slow” insulin, the essence of the effect is similar: a hormone substitute is introduced into your body from the outside, and the pancreas does not cope with the production of which in proper quantity. Treatment of diabetes with insulin is the most common option even if the patient is over 60 years old.

A less severe form of diabetes is treated with injections, which improve insulin production in the body.They are expensive, in some cases - very effective. It is necessary to prick them twice a day with the help of special pens-syringes (“Byeta”, “Viktoza”). The dosage must be prescribed by the attending physician.

Treatment of diabetes with pills is necessarily accompanied by diet and the highest possible physical activity. Otherwise, the pills will only slightly reduce blood sugar levels. Diabetics are more often prescribed to people of the older generation with diabetes. Those who are younger are the tablet form of the active substance, metformin ("Siofor", "Formin Pliva", "Glucophage", etc.). Also, these pills are shown for insulin resistance - a condition where the body's cells poorly absorb both sugar and insulin.

Whatever you choose as a treatment for diabetes, experts unanimously say: Do not neglect a strict low-carb diet! Only by normalizing the metabolism, you can achieve a persistent decrease in blood sugar.

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