Design - the basis of construction

Any home begins on paper. Plans, drawings, the project - all this is developed long before the first pile is driven in and the first brick is laid. Building design is extremely important and responsible work, because how well and successfully a house will be designed depends on how long it will stand and whether there will be problems in operation. A competent project should take into account many important details: location, infrastructure, materials, excavation, estimates.

Any project begins with a technical task. It briefly describes the main parameters of the future building, the requirements for them. Based on the technical specifications, drawings of the future construction are being developed. It is the development of drawings and takes the bulk of the work in the design. In this process, a large number of specialists are involved: architects, designers, designers, builders, electricians, etc. At first, the general view of the building, its shape, number of floors, location of rooms and other premises is projected.Then the project of planning of internal space, finishing works, infrastructure is carried out.

After the project is ready, working documentation is developed. It is a set of instructions for direct implementers - builders, foremen, electricians, plumbers, etc. Here, all the details are spelled out in more detail: where there will be entrances and exits, what materials to use, what thickness the walls will be, what the planned power of the electrical wiring will be, in a word, everything that will allow to build a house completely. At the last stage, all parts of the project (terms of reference, drawings, working documentation) are put together in a so-called. working draft and submitted for approval by the customer and the relevant control authorities (BTI).

Research Institute "Stroyproekt" offers the development of building projects of any complexity, including residential and non-residential premises, shopping centers, roads, engineering networks, warehouses and other logistics facilities, etc. For a more detailed list of objects, see All work is done by top-class specialists, qualified architects and designers.Perhaps documentary and legal support of construction.

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