Description of breed King Charles Spaniel

An active companion that is ideal for both a family with children and a lonely person is the King Charles Spaniel. This is an obedient and not at all aggressive dog, which will gladly adapt to the lifestyle of its owner.

History and Standards King Charles Spaniel

This is a small breed that has a rich history. Similar dogs were first seen in England in the 13th century. They won the heart of the English ladies and became their companions in life.

king charles spaniel
King Charles Spaniels are extremely loyal to their owner.
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Originally spaniels were used for hunting. But this breed very quickly became decorative. The dog owes its name to King Charles II, who lived in the 17th century. It was during his reign that Charles Spaniel settled into the living rooms of the English aristocrats.

The main standard Charles Spaniels:

  • height - no more than 33 cm at the withers;
  • weight - no more than 8 kg;
  • eyes are strictly round;
  • muzzle - slightly elongated;
  • the ears are set high, hang down and adorn the strands;
  • tail is straight, is on the same line with the back, docking is allowed;
  • wool - long, straight, silky.

These features of the appearance of animals have been preserved since the appearance of the breed and are considered relevant to the present day.

The photo of King Charles Spaniel shows that several types of color are allowed:

  1. tricolor - black spots on the background of white and slightly pearl wool;
  2. ruby;
  3. black and tan - the main wool of black color with inserts of a red and brown shade;
  4. blenheim - red and chestnut spots on a white surface.

Each color is considered a breed standard, so you can choose the color that you like best.

Dog character

Judging by the reviews of the owners of the King Charles Spaniel - this is a friendly and sociable dog who loves to be constantly in the spotlight. She adores people who surround her and is delighted with children.

Distinctive traits of charles spaniels:

  • ingenuity;
  • devotion;
  • shyness with strangers and other dogs;
  • cheerfulness and activity.

It is precisely because of his soft temper that the Charles Spaniel is ideal for a young active couple, a family with children, and also for the elderly.It is important to remember that the animal is very sociable and it is difficult for him to stay alone for a long time.

King Charles Spaniel is a good-natured, open and very intelligent dog. The pet will do everything to please its owner. He will be devoted to him throughout his life and become a full-fledged member of the family.

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