Depression, or why do we torture ourselves?

Recently, in all magazines, books, the word depression is increasingly common. The syndromes of this mental illness are familiar to many: apathy for life, bad mood, tears, depression. The causes of depression are simple.

Our permanent employment, the lack of full physical, moral and spiritual rest; we are constantly proving something to someone, are in suspense, and absolutely do not notice all the good that surrounds us.

Ignore this problem is impossible. It is necessary to deal with the symptoms, and the sooner the better. You can do this yourself by doing some of my tips. But, if you feel that everything is serious, and the love of life does not return, consult a specialist.

So, how can you force yourself to forget about the spiritual anguish

For starters, forget about sedatives and antidepressants. Buy and take such drugs without the recommendation of a doctor can not. The effect of them will certainly be, but think about the fact that not a long feeling of calmness, which they will give, will quickly pass away and you will have to take pills again. Antidepressants can be addictive, as can drugs.If you feel a strong surge of excitement, drink a warm tea with mint, or a glass of milk with honey.

If you feel tired, and at the same time did not do anything all day, immediately go for a walk. You just do not have enough fresh air and oxygen. Walk more, and do not forget to smile. In the world everything is connected, if you radiate a positive, then people will give you a good mood.

It is impossible to relax, because you are worried because of a particular problem: a bad team at work, a lack of understanding of close people. Instead of tormenting yourself, think how you can solve your problem.

Frankly talk with colleagues, find out the reason for their negative attitude towards you, suggest solutions to the conflict. If you can not solve the problem, think about changing jobs. No one will accuse you of weakness, just at work we spend half a day, and if all this time is in suspense and to experience negative, then this work will not bring you much success.

To set global goals well and commendably, only without fanaticism. There are women who set themselves difficult tasks, without achieving a result, they begin to simply harass themselves, and even hate. For example, the desire to lose weight - a good goal, is not it?

But many forget that every organism is special, and if someone has lost weight from a diet, and you can not, this does not mean that you are the most unlucky. You can not expect that with a weight of 90 kg, for two months, even very intensive work on yourself, you will lose 40 kg and will have a classy press. Set goals, but do not forget that not everyone gets everything at once. Be prepared for long-term work, and enjoy even the smallest successes.

If tortured melancholy and nothing pleases, buy yourself what you have long dreamed of. Dress, bag, shoes, whatever. The main thing is to fulfill your little dream. Do not think that you have spent a lot of money, and because of this there will be problems, just enjoy the process of shopping and making new purchases. You deserve it!

Everyone's personal life is different. If you have not yet met your man, and in the evenings you do not want to return to an empty apartment, get yourself a pet. A good way to escape from sad thoughts. You will always be waited and loved, and the feeling of loneliness will leave you.

Throw off the burden of problems and sorrows, you can do something that you never in your right mind, did not do.But to get rid of depression you need to take decisive action. Jump with a parachute, ride a racing car, swim in the pool with sharks. Scary, but effective. At the time of stress and danger, our body blocks all unnecessary experiences, and believe me, you will be proud to overcome your fears.

Change of hairdress is another way out of depression. They say that by changing the color of the hair, we change ourselves and our environment. Well try. Look at yourself from the other side, admire your appearance, love yourself!

If you come home, you feel depressed, if you are tired of doing the same thing for months, change the situation. If possible, leave the city to relatives, it helps me. If you have nowhere to go, go to the cinema, or the theater, you can go to the circus. Do not sit in the four walls, it depresses you.

Do not forget that drinking is not the best medicine for sadness, loneliness and suffering. Alcohol can lead to the appearance of even bigger problems in your life.

No matter how hard you are, remember - there are people who are much worse than you. Beauty, health, home, love - you have all this, but you do not appreciate what you have.There are many people in the world who have lost all this, and yet they do not lose the love of life. So why waste your life on experiences? Take a look around, the world is beautiful. Try to see only good around you, love yourself, no matter what, and then you will never know what depression is.

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