Decoupage is an interesting hobby that brings money

In the modern world there are a million ways and opportunities, everyone has the right to choose what he likes, however, when it comes to making money, not all people can agree with that. Not always the main thing to like, the main thing is to bring good money, many will say now, and let me all childhood dream to dance, and had to sit in the office and clap all day with the mouse on the computer monitor.

And yet I do not want to agree with such people, because life is one and it is very important to live it with pleasure, and doing your favorite thing and getting good money for it is the perfect option.

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If you like creativity, art and a flight of fantasy, then decoupage is definitely for you, because such a passion can not only satisfy spiritual hunger, but also bring good money.

Recently, everything that has been done, so to speak, with your own hands, has come into fashion, in favor of various techniques,that allow you to create homemade household items and decor, many people are willing to pay dearly for a beautiful set of handmade dishes or a chest of drawers decorated with elaborate patterns in the style of Provence.

All this and much more can be realized with the help of the currently fashionable decoupage technique, with the help of which unique and exclusive works are created that can easily be used to decorate and transform your own home. What is decoupage and how realistically to implement such an unusual and mysterious art with their own hands?

It turns out that decoupage is a rather ancient art that involves decorating objects by gluing on them paper with different patterns. A peculiar effect, which is similar to painting on the surface, is achieved through the use of special techniques, as well as using a reusable varnish coating.

Original decoration of dishes

Joints and small irregularities are erased, and the experimental object acquires a truly unusual and surprising appearance. In fact, the skill of decoupage, at one time, was called "art for the poor," but do not think, this does not characterize the beauty of the products obtained in this way.

The fact is that the original, expensive furniture, which was decorated in rich houses with precious stones and rare varieties of wood, was too expensive for ordinary mortals. But the clever decoupage, which turned the most simple and ordinary furniture into real works of art, was available to almost everyone.

Over time, fashion for such creativity spread to wealthy sections of the population: wardrobe items, caskets, bonbonniere, hats, fabrics, as well as various other pleasant trifles were decorated exclusively with the help of decoupage techniques.

In the modern world, this technique is spreading more and more among people who appreciate beauty and art, because with its help you can decorate anything: furniture, household utensils, dishes, glass, flower pots or candles, fabrics and even hats!

In fact, such art can breathe a second life into any thing, with its help unique items of home decor are created, in addition, you can create very interesting and extremely unusual gifts for your friends or, if you masterfully master this technique, arrange the sale of products, decorated in decoupage style!

And what is even nicer, in fact, to cope with this technique is capable, in fact, everyone, there is nothing difficult in this, and what is even nicer - decoupage saves even those people who absolutely can not draw!

How do you start?

Of course, with the subject that you want to transform. Eyes, probably, will immediately run away, after all, everything suits for these purposes! You can decouple various wooden objects, such as cutting boards, caskets, dressers, tables, etc.

You will enjoy this activity.

Glass is also suitable: decorate bottles, glass sets, tea or coffee sets, plates, whatever! It is more difficult to work with glass than, for example, with a tree, but the result is worth it: such unique dishes can be used in everyday life, and non-standard decorated bottles will enliven any holiday or home party!

You can apply decoupage motifs on the skin, plastic, various fabrics or metal, and the patterns will not wash off, even if these items are then washed or washed.

The most favorable material that experienced decoupageers most often use is, of course, wood, it is on it that you can create truly unique and amazing things, and besides, it is much easier for beginners to cope with it.

For example, when performing decoupage on glass, you need to be very careful - not a single fingerprint should remain on the surface, moreover, the material itself is quite fragile. As you know, experience comes only with time, so it’s better to train on something that is not very difficult: a wooden plank or medium-sized pieces for decoration.

Materials and tools

What is most important in the process of creating a unique thing? Of course, drawing or, as the experienced masters of decoupage say, a decoupage motive. Fortunately, now it is easy to cope with this: special napkins and cards are sold in stores. The technique of using napkins gradually goes into the background, but it is still often used.

The main difference between these special napkins and ordinary ones is their bright and interesting drawings, which can become a wonderful decoration or decor for any thing. They usually consist of several layers that are deleted in the process.

Decoupage cards are more dense, this allows them to be transferred not only to light surfaces, as is the case with napkins, but also to dark surfaces.Cards do not allow them to shine through, however, it is also more difficult to work with them: the unification of the pattern with the surface takes longer and more difficult.

Restoring old furniture

In addition to the pattern and the surface, you will have to purchase a primer, which is usually presented in the form of white paint. You will also need glue, with which you will glue the pattern to the surface, most often, use a special decoupage glue, which is a pleasure to work with.

If this is not found, you can use the usual PVA, which is diluted with water, for beginner talents - the best option.

It is important not to forget about the lacquer, which is an indispensable assistant in such a business, with its help it covers the work that gives the product a special style. Do not do without brushes and scissors, which are necessary for cutting patterns.

Make your own hands is completely easy!

This is true, the main thing is to observe one very important rule: before processing it is necessary to degrease, the wood is also primed and covered with a layer of paint. For those who are engaged in such a business for the first time in their lives, it is better to attend master classes that are held even in the smallest cities.

If this is not possible, do not worry, on thematic Internet forums and pages you can find online workshops, the network has a lot of lessons and recommendations shared by experienced professionals in their field.

The most important thing is not to hurry, carefully study the lesson and try on several times, and only after that begin gluing the picture and its further processing.

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