Growing green in greenhouse conditions

High quality nutrition is one of the main components of human health. Nowadays it is more and more difficult to find natural products. And most people, taking care of their own health, choose food more carefully. Fiber, which is a natural food, is especially important for the health of people, maintaining their physical fitness at the proper level. In a variety of greenery, the daily fiber norm may well be.

If you cultivate dill, parsley, onion and other useful greens only in unprotected soil, then, naturally, this storehouse of vitamins and fiber will get you only in the spring - summer period. But your own villa greenhouse with success will reward you with this wealth all year round. Moreover, it is in winter that our body needs an increased intake of vitamins. In a greenhouse made of polycarbonate, a year-round harvest of green products will not be so hard for you. Greens can be grown in such a greenhouse.

Let's talk about how to nurse these green pets in your greenhouse under polycarbonate. Perhaps the most important thing is to choose the planting material responsibly.

When onions are cultivated in a greenhouse on a feather, a period of one month is necessary for obtaining a new crop, perhaps less than it. At the same time, the temperature regime must be maintained as follows: during the day - plus eighteen or more degrees Celsius, at night - at least plus twelve degrees.

One of the most effective ways to get a good harvest is the proper pre-sowing preparation of bulbs (plantation). To do this, it is necessary to withstand their specific time (day) in water at a temperature of forty degrees, and then pruning the necks of each bulb.

Various types of lettuce are in good demand in the winter. Of course, it is necessary to grow only those varieties that are specifically designed for cultivation in the greenhouse. The main feature of lettuce cultivation is its cultivation on loose soil, well composted. But here the measure of fertilizer need to know, and not to exceed it.

Parsley and dill - the most unpretentious plants.But they also need care, periodic fertilizer and watering. They are grown in loose soil, but they do not tolerate high temperature. Parsley seeds are not planted too often, so that neighboring plants do not interfere with each other and grow strong and healthy.

Whatever you want to grow, approach carefully and carefully enough to choose a greenhouse.

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