Crochet Bookmark

Completing the pattern

Finishing knitting a crochet bookmark on rows 28-31. The rounded shape of the top is obtained by reducing the loops of the pattern between the side elements of the ornament. 28 row knit as the 7th. 29 row: 4pp, BU, 3 VP, BU, st2n in the 3rd loop of the lower row. 30 row: 4 пп, БУ, 1 вп, БУ, ст2н 31 row: 4 пп, БУ, БУ, ст2н.
Crochet a master class with a photo

Edge trimming

In 18 loops of the initial row we knit 18 stb. In each arc, which is formed by side hinges of the transition from row to row, as well as columns with 2 nakida, replacing them, we knit 2 stbn, pico of 3 points, 2 stbn.
 Bookmark crochet master class with photo
Tying the bookmark around and returning to row 1, under st1n BU knit 3 stbn and combine the pattern into ring. Congratulations! The original bookmark for books, crocheted by you personally, is completed and ready to lie between the pages of your favorite work!

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