Creative Christmas Tree

As you know, the main decoration in the house for the New Year holiday is the Christmas tree. Today I offer to make a creative Christmas tree - a green beauty from wool. To make this craft, you will need special skills and tools. So, for work you need to prepare:
  • wool for felting in different colors (green, red, orange, brown, burgundy)
  • felting needles No. 36 , 38, 40;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • gold or silver ribbon for decoration, 1 cm wide;
  • pot;
  • mesh color;
  • for the trunk - wand;
  • a little plaster or cement mortar so that our Christmas tree is firm stood.
 must be prepared
must be prepared;
First, we form a cone of the desired size from a sintepon using a needle No. 36.
 form a cone
Then we wrap the cone with green wool.
we wind with green wool
We apply wool so that there are no white gaps as dense as possible.
 Apply Wool
Now it is good to wallow, and when the form is already looming, we form a tip.
good we play
Carefully insert the wire through the top. It should reach the middle of the height of the Christmas tree. Now carefully roll the whole product to a dense state. First, using the needle number 36, then change to the needle number 38 and number 40. If you do not have a wire, then you can leave the top without it, just make it shorter. When then you decorate the top with an asterisk, it will drop down under the weight. This version of the Christmas tree also looks nice.
paste wire
Now proceed to the trunk. We stick the stick with padding polyester and wrap it with wool on top and roll.
proceed to the trunk
 proceed to the trunk
Neatly combine the resulting part with the Christmas tree with wool as shown in the photo .Well we roll these parts.
 connect with the
At the next stage we strengthen our artwork in the pot with the help of cement. To do this, we will dissolve the cement with water and pour it into the pot. Now we put the Christmas tree there and leave it for freezing for a while.
strengthen our artwork
In the meantime, let's make an ornament from the grid for the pot. The edges of the grid bend to the center and attach with a needle and thread.
let's make for the pot
Then, stepping back from the edge of a 4-5 centimeter, we gather everything in a circle and string it. It turns out such a basket from the grid as in the photo.
mesh basket
 mesh basket
Decorate the basket with a golden ribbon.
cook decorations
Now it is necessary to prepare ornaments. To do this, from the sintepon first form the balls.
Balls roll
We roll balls with the needle № 36.
Balls we play
We make as many balls as we want toys. After we wind each ball with wool and roll to the desired density. I used different colors of wool.
asterisk we play
Then we make an asterisk in the same way as toys.
asterisk we are casting
 decorating herringbone
So you get such Christmas decorations.
From ribbons we make bows according to the number of Christmas-tree toys.
Creative lochka
Now we decorate our New Year's beauty. With the help of glue, we attach toys and bows to the Christmas tree (use glue as you prefer, I glued it with a hot glue gun). At the bottom of the basket of mesh, first apply glue to make it stick to the pot. Now we insert a herringbone into the pot, fill it with plaster (cement) mortar. From above we lay the wool of blue color and slightly roll it to the net, only gently so as not to break the needle.Christmas tree is ready!
Creative Litch

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