Cooking Popcorn at Home

Perhaps it is difficult to find the most popular, especially among children, adolescents and youth delicacy (and adults are not averse to indulging) than popcorn. It is usually sold in parks and cinemas, entertainment complexes, in a word, in places most passable by people. It’s not so difficult to prepare this dish even in home conditions right on your own stove, spending only a few minutes on it.
Cooking Popcorn at Home
A the following will be needed to make homemade popcorn: vegetable oil (preferably refined), corn grain (good, plenty of it in stores), powdered sugar and salt, frying pan (preferably with coated non-stick) with a lid.
 Cooking Popcorn at Home
The cooking method is quite simple: Pour vegetable oil into the pan (so as to close the bottom) and pour in one or two (it depends on the diameter of the pan) tablespoonful of table grain. Close the pan with a lid. Turn on high fire.Soon, sounds like claps will start to appear from under the covers. By stopping the sounds, open the pan - popcorn is ready. It remains to shift the finished flakes into 2 bowls and sprinkle in one salt, and in the other - powdered sugar.
Cooking Popcorn at Home
Cooking Popcorn at Home
Cooking Popcorn at home
And don’t have to run somewhere to buy another batch of adore food delicacies. Bon appetit!

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