Congratulations to mother on March 8

Congratulations to mother on March 8How to congratulate your beloved and unique mother on March 8 is not an easy question. On International Women's Day, it is worth being original, to please your beloved mother with good words. I would like to pick up words that will be able to maximally express the full depth of feelings, towards the most expensive woman in the world. We offer a large selection of congratulations on March 8 for the mother. Here you can find wishes for every taste, congratulations in verses and prose, from the son, from the daughter. The most touching and beautiful poems only on our site.

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Poems on March 8 for mom

Tell me why
Mom is so smart
And our dad in the morning
Work hard?

Everything suddenly turned upside down:
Mom is resting,
And on the father - the kitchen, the house.
How does he manage?

They know even in kindergarten:
On March 8
Strong floor only once a year
Wearing an apron.

Mums to our dear
We wish boldly:
Rest more than once a year
And so that bothered.

Snow is melting, tits are heard,
Who went out on the porch?
And brushing a tear from the eyelashes
Smiled in our face.

It's the spring festival
We are in a hurry to congratulate moms!
And we lead more beautifully
And today, "all I myself."

You rest, mummy,
Your life will be brighter
The mood is not gloomy,
Look younger, not older!

Congratulations to mother on March 8

On the eighth of March the sun shines,
And congratulates the kids
One who is all kindred in the world -
Everywhere voiced "Hurray!".

Love and be loved, mother,
And may Destiny keep you;
With you the whole family is near,
Invulnerable like granite.

Our dear! Spring afternoon
In all you feel love;
Let it be a delight
And not again, but only again.

We wish you health
And also long, long years;
We just adore you -
Be in your life only light.

Spring day, not frosty,

The day is fun and mimous -

It's mother's day!

Cloudless day, not snowy,

The day is agitated and tender -

It's mother's day!


The day is spacious, not capricious,

Gift day, surprise -

It's mother's day!


Mother's holiday comes,
Women's day is coming.
I know: mom loves very much
Roses, poppies and lilacs.
Only in March there is no lilac,
Roses and poppies do not get ...
But you can on a piece of paper
All the flowers draw!
Prikolyu this picture
I'm over my mother's table
In the morning dear mother
And I will kiss
And congratulations on Women's Day!

No dearer in this world
Man for me
You are the closest to me in the world
And I live for you!

Receive, the day of March 8
All gifts and flowers!
Happiness, joy, fun,
Fulfillment of dreams!

Be an example on the way
And do not let him go.
I love you, honey!
Mom - better not find!

Congratulations to mother on March 8

Greetings from 8 March from his son

Mommy, dear, congratulations
With this day of spring - March 8th.
And I sincerely wish you
Joy, health and excitement.

May always everything in life succeed,
Let success always strides alongside.
Let the sunshine smile you,
And spring will delight outfit.

On this day, nature comes to life,
After a snow blizzard waking up.
Let the snowdrop first sprout
For you, dear, smiling.

If I was asked:
"Why do you love your mother?"
I would be very surprised
And he went to think a little.

I'd climbed on the mezzanine
Or hide in the bathroom
And then I would get out with a noise
And he answered, smiling:

- Not for washing and cooking
(No, for that, in general, too!),
But this is all SECONDARY
(Oh, what word do I know!).

I love mom for tenderness
Kindness and understanding
For the beauty and for the fact that
Mom - the most dear!

On the Day of the Eighth of March

Mommy's favorite

I will give the sun

Ray golden-maned!


Let the ray touch

My mother's head,

Kiss on the cheek

Gentle and embarrassing!


Through the clouds right

My ray is playful

Will warm mom

Golden mane,


Eyes tickle,

Having fun playing

And wake up mom,

Smiling at the sun!

Congratulations to mother on March 8 

Wishes from the daughter on March 8

Women's holiday is coming!
Means, mum has a rest.
As mistress, baked
I am a pie, as much as I could.
I look at him proudly!
Only he was firm.

No doubt well, not a gram,
If spring was a lady,
She would have a face
Like our glorious mother.
Let the number we have the eighth
In March, only once happens
The main thing is me with you
This day unites.
Be a miracle all your life
Let the sadness is afraid of you.
Delight native people
Only good things will happen.


All dearer to me

Mom my dear

All she kinder, more expensive,

All are more beautiful and younger!

I love you very much,

Congratulations, I give,

On March 8th Day

Brought gifts!

Mom, be happy,

Both healthy and beautiful,

Be the same as always

No trouble happens!

Congratulations to mother on March 8

Congratulations in prose for mom

Congratulations to your beloved mother on March 8 and I want to wish only a great human happiness! You are for me the best, most beloved, most dear! May all your desires never cease to come true, may everything always be good! I love you!


Thanks to you, mommy, I realized that the main thing in life is not fame and money, but happiness. And on the International Day of All Women, I want to congratulate you and wish you precisely this crazy, unrestrained happiness!


Dear mommy! I know - being a mother is the most difficult job without holidays and days off. I am eternally grateful to you for doing this job so well. You do everything to grow a decent and educated person. How much labor and patience is needed for this! Mom, you are my best. I want to wish you good health, vigor, good mood, more joyful and bright days. I very love you!


So much has already been said about mothers, but this word does not lose its essence and its value. I would like to repeat the words of love again and again and kiss the hands that so often patted you on the head, although they sometimes spanked, but always for the cause and not much.I wish you, my dear - always be! as in the song about the solar circle! And I will always be there.


For everyone, the most native person in the world is mother. Mommy, I want you to be the happiest, so that today is the most wonderful in your life! May the eternal spring reign in your soul! Always remain young and beautiful, and remember that I love you.


Today is March 8 - a women's day, a holiday of spring! Let your heart bloom like everything around spring bloom. Mommy, be always beautiful, like spring sunshine. Never hurt or get old. Let every day gives you only joy. You are for me the dearest man on this earth.

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