Congratulations to colleagues on March 8

Congratulations to colleagues on March 8It often happens that beautiful words spoken from the heart are more precious than a gift. But how to choose them, how to express your attitude to colleagues? We bring to your attention wishes for every taste, wishes in verse and in prose. In our article you will find a large number of congratulations for colleagues on March 8. If you have a friendly team and you are always taken to loudly and cheerfully celebrate holidays together, we offer, in this case, comic congratulations for every taste. Funny wishes to the women's team on a beautiful International Women's Day only on our site. Choose and please employees. You can also find a large selection on our website.

The content of the article:

Congratulations on March 8 in prose

The beautiful half of our office - with a nice holiday of Spring, Beauty and Love! I want to wish the usual, but the most important for every woman: exciting love, reliable male shoulder, fulfillment of all desires and even whims, as well as the rapid advancement of the career ladder!


Getting into the shift after the winter brings spring in the team fervor and fun with auspicious activity. It does not depend on the approach of sunny, joyfully-clear days, but on the happy, gentle smiles and warm-sparkling gaze of the surrounding women, who are on the eve of the holiday. Those women who have the attention and support, help and care - from March 8!


Today, on the brightest and most feminine day of the year, we want to congratulate the beautiful half of our team. Dear women, thank you not only for the high professional qualities that you show day by day, but also for the moral support that you provide us in difficult working days. I wish you health, optimism and true female happiness. Since March 8!

Congratulations to colleagues on March 8

Let me tell you that you are especially good today. It is on this day that all women flourish and reach unearthly peaks of perfection. You are no exception and at the same time you are exceptionally beautiful.

We congratulate you on the 8th of March. Let your thoughts be joyful, feelings elevated and any sensations pleasant. Thank you for your exceptional intellect, for outstanding professionalism, for performance, concentration and accuracy.

Thank you for being with us. We wish you all the best of the world.Let everything be fine with you.


Dear our women!

Congratulations on March 8! Let spring day bring happiness, warm smiles, relatives, friends. The sunlight will warm your souls, the winter cold will give way to spring drops, and your eyes will shine with happiness and spring light! Comfort and love will reign in the houses!


Pretty women!

I cordially congratulate you on a wonderful spring holiday - International Women's Day!

We thank you for the beauty and tenderness, kindness and emotional sensitivity, cozy evenings with your family, for bringing up smart and talented children by you.

It is you who surround your close people with love and attention and, despite everyday worries, give them peace and happiness. You always give us your warmth, support with a kind word, inspire creativity, work.

On this festive day, I sincerely wish you love, kindness, success. May peace, harmony and well-being always reign in your homes.

Congratulations for colleagues in verse

Colleagues, we congratulate you

With a wonderful holiday such

We wish you love and happiness

We are a collective of all masculine.

All of you success at work

To take a step behind the step,

And always be in high esteem

We wish you on a women's day!


March 8, this day of spring,

For you, colleagues, our congratulations,

Always be beautiful and gentle,

Give us wonderful moments.

Always get up in the morning with that leg

To be at work without delay,

And don't be too hard on us,

After all, we are worthy of your attention!

Congratulations to colleagues on March 8


Colleagues of the fair sex!

Congratulations on March 8,

You are so beautiful and beautiful

What heads we bow!

We wish to work superbly

And please our male eyes!

Let luck be near,

And the mood is super class!


Girls, colleagues, my dear,

I wish spring holiday love.

Luck at work, lucky deals,

More often fun such gatherings.

Chief let you increase your salary

And the premium will give in the amount of salary.

Flowers and gifts, and a sea of ​​attention.

And let all your wishes come true.


Colleagues are cute for the holiday of spring

I will pick up magic words:

May dreams and dreams live,

Only from enthusiasm - head spin!

On the eighth of March this will bring

And pure joy, and happiness forever,

Love for the years wonderful forward?

Neither sadness nor trouble will touch you!


By the Eighth of March beautiful words

Colleagues will compose a nice:

Love, good wish, happiness,

So that every day - irresistible!

Let all problems dissolve

For our incomparable ladies

Dreams all start to come true,

Opening the way to miracles!

And Women's Day is the beginning of a fairy tale

Let it be, dear, for you!

From now on it will be bright, clear

Any of your day and every hour!

Congratulations to colleagues on March 8

Official greetings for March 8

Lovely and charming our women!

I congratulate you on the holiday of spring - March 8. We wish you heartily good health, unfading youth and a lot of mutual love! Let the wonderful feelings warm your hearts, and you remain always as unique as you are now.

With all my heart I join in all the congratulations that you have already received, and once again I wish the fulfillment of all your desires.

Happy holiday, dear women!


Dear ours!

Congratulations on your International Women's Day!

Centuries and millennia of world history, illuminated by your wisdom and tenderness, charm and beauty. And only thanks to your vitality, enthusiasm and patience from century to century the human race on earth continues. Mother, sister, beloved - the female source accompanies us to the last breath. And if beauty will save the world, then it will be your beauty.After all, you turn it into a magical pearl that we put at your feet.

On this festive day, we wish all women strong welfare, lifelong happiness, fierce love and permanent well-being. And let all dreams come true, because the desire of every woman is a law to which we, men, happily obey.


A managerial position makes women be more manly, but it does not make them less feminine ...

Let today, on the holiday of March 8, you only think that you are a woman, and not that you are a leader! Happy holiday!


Dear leader!

You are the kindest and most understanding employer!

Congratulations on the 8th of March!

You deserve the warmest words on this day!

May the bird of fortune bring you success in your work, in your personal life, and good health on your wings today!


We congratulate you on the 8th of March.

Let me remind you that you are one of the most valuable flowers in the greenhouse of our company. Thanks to you our world every day becomes more perfect and kinder. We wish you to preserve your wonderful beauty in solving professional problems and multiply it.We wish to keep incredible harmony in the design of interpersonal relationships. Never forget that you are needed, loved and desired. May happiness become your constant and loyal partner.

Comic greetings on International Women's Day

From the work of the ladies rest,

It is the happiest of days!

Do not rush into flaming huts,

Do not brake horses on the go!

We are praying and pitying you today

From business to tomorrow, already released!

In the morning from your beauty shaleya,

We want to wish love and happiness!


For a long time, the entire male half of our team waited for this solemn holiday. They trained sincere hugs and memorized masterpiece congratulations. And finally, the time has come to put all this into practice - the most feminine day of the year has come! Dear colleagues and simply charming women, accept our congratulations: we wish everything to everyone, everything! Here!


Companions I to the Eighth of March

Congratulations sincerely in a hurry!

Dreams let them turn true:

On the day of any - that the choice of fur coats,

Yes, diamonds, to brighten

And the limousine is nicer:

Does it work, to the country

Skating will be fun!

Head - only compliments

Let him speak

At heart are your applicants

Let not be allowed to become sad!

Congratulations to colleagues on March 8

Only for the sake of you we will be ready

Go to Mars and the Moon

And we will get the “scarlet flower”

And the money in the federal treasury.

Who, except for you, in detail, painstakingly

Easily compile any report

And the contract will study patiently,

And the tenant will present the correct account,

Who can federal objects

In the *** area take into account

And put everything in the Registry correctly ...

How lucky we are that you are in the world !!!


We will always help in everything

Our great secretary

Sasha can call

Though to Korea, at least to China!

Be a dispatcher, confess -

Heroic feat

With men explain

Difficult stylistically!

We will tell you a secret

How to place all goods:

If that - merchandise

At work can live!

Oh, the road builders are not princes,

There are people there,

With tachymeter over dirt -

What do they dump trucks!

Everyone will visit the construction sites,

Shooting done quickly -

You can see the heels sparkling

Do surveyors!

And in the hotel, girls,

Repaired again -

This is our administrator.

Something is editing!


In the kitchen, in a saucepan boil curlers,

The dress and shoes are smoothed.

Oh, Woman! With trembling light in the chest,

With a bouquet in hand, I exclaim about you.

You are a symbol of hope, warmth and love,

Your borsch is a culinary wonder sample.

Today let your requests come true:


In work, in life you success,

Comfort, the sun and heat,

Prosperity, joy and laughter.

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