Concrete mixer as a business

To date, no construction site can do without such equipment as a concrete mixer. Their demand is due to the ability to control the quality of building mixtures and save time on their delivery. This is where the business of concrete mixers lies.

concrete mixer

Quite often, when construction is carried out on its own, a person does not have at its disposal the entire set of necessary construction equipment. To buy a new concrete mixer for the construction of a garage, gazebos, baths, that is, a small building, and sometimes even building a house of several floors, is unprofitable. It is much easier to rent the right equipment.

How to choose a concrete mixer for business

If you decide to purchase a concrete mixer for business, special requirements are placed on the choice of equipment. First of all, the equipment must be reliable and meet current market demand.

Concrete mixers, however, like any other construction equipment is divided into two large classes: professional and home. Of course, models belonging to the first class, are more expensive. However, their higher cost is justified by a number of characteristics. They are able to knead a lot of solution and are more reliable during operation. Since, depending on the size of the object being built, a different volume of construction mix is ​​required, it is better to purchase concrete mixers of different volume for the rental business. Thus, you will ensure maximum coverage of the target audience.

 concrete mixer

What is the volume of concrete mixers worth choosing, we will look further. For the construction of baths, garages, gazebos, as well as the construction of a one-story building, a concrete mixer with a drum capacity of up to 150 liters is suitable. If the construction of a building designed for several floors is underway, a concrete mixer with a volume from 150 liters to 300 liters will be needed. It makes no sense to purchase a unit with a drum capacity of more than 300 liters, as they are used on large-scale construction sites by experienced teams, which often have their own equipment.

Choosing a concrete mixer for business, you need to consider not only the volume, but also the characteristics of the equipment. Pay attention to the engine power. So, for a load of 12 hours, 800W power will be quite enough. However, for longer work, you need to choose models with a capacity of more than 1000 watts. It is very good if the equipment has an overload sensor that will shut off the concrete mixer in case of high temperature in the winding.

So, now you know how to choose suitable concrete mixers for business. For these purposes, the models ROSTEC BRT (38402), WERK WR 140C (29025), FORTE EW1230 230 L are perfect.

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