Compatibility of Virgo and Cancer: marital happiness or spit on a stone?

Natalya Erofeevskaya December 14, 2017

Regardless of whether this relationship is business, friendly or love, the compatibility of this pair of astrological signsextremely high. It is literally from the first moments between them that mutual understanding is established, and with time and trust, a calm and measured romance or eventful friendship is quite possible. Representatives of these signs are balanced, but at the same time in life they are not averse to comprehending something new and unknown. These are people of perspectives: they set realistic goals and strive with all their might to achieve them.

The personal life of the Virgin and Cancer- this is not a volcano of passion. They are adherents of family traditions, strive for a quiet non-public life, avoid scandals, adventures, conflict situations.They easily get along with each other: they will not check the partner, who is stronger, and try to bend under him.

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